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Dragonflies attracted to my car?

This might seem like a strange topic, but has anyone else noticed that dragonflies (or any other insects) are attracted to the MS?

I've had my MS since early August and since the first week I've noticed something. As I'm driving around at low or moderate speed, I'm getting frequent dragonfly "visits". They hover over my pano roof, fly toward my car and swoop up over the windshield and away, etc. In fact, if I want to see a dragonfly all I need to do is pull my car out into the driveway and leave it on for a minute or so and at least one will come over and check it out. They don't stay long, but they definitely come over and have a look.

I was trying to guess why this might be and asked some friends and family their opinions. So far the ideas are 1) something about it being electric - an electromagnetic field thing they're detecting perhaps? 2) the motors produce some kind of hum or whine (undetectable to me) that attracts them and makes them think it's another dragonfly or a mosquito, etc.

Anyway, the kiddos and I think it's kinda cool, but was just wondering if anyone else has noticed something similar?
I definitely had an insect of the Tesla fan type on my hood the other day.

At first it was mildly amusing, but it was pretty huge. I didn't really want the thing flying around in my garage when I got home so I tried doing things to get it off. I tried accelerating fast, and that didn't work. I tried stopping mass fast (no one behind me), but that didn't work either. I tried cornering hard, but that didn't work either.

Nothing deterred the insect from it's ride. It rode the entire 20 minute drive from my work to my house on the hood of my car. When I pulled into my drive way it decided to fly away. I guess it knew it won.
YES! So crazy that you mentioned this! I especially noticed it on my Boston trip. At one supercharger stop, there was a dragonfly that just wouldn't leave. I thought he was going to follow us the rest of the trip.
image.jpeg Bump. Saw this this morning - moth nesting inside my rear light.

Also my car attracts arachnids (I hate the other word for them so much I won't type it:)) I've always thought it's because of the heat or the purring of the electric motor. Never had that with any other car. Thankfully they like the exterior.
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