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Driveshaft corrosion

Due to my incompetence, I split an inner driveshaft gaiter. I replaced the driveshaft with a second hand one from ebay. When removing the original one from the car, I was surprised how badly corroded the threads were.
After I fitted the replacement, I smeared a little grease on the exposed threads.
I found a Karcher bottle top was a perfect fit over the nut and threads. The wheel and centre cap still fit
I periodically scrub it with a handheld wire brush and coat it with anti-seize every time I take the wheels off. BTW, not important but I think that you were referring to the drive axel and not the drive shaft.
I may have been. I'm in the UK. The terminology is probably different. We would call the shaft from front to the back of the car a prop shaft. Is that a driveshaft in the USA?