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E-scooter in your trunk for Supercharging?

I thought of this solution for Supercharging and getting to any business that could be a far walk. I just keep a Segway E-scooter in my trunk and if I have to supercharge and something is a huge walks away, I just ride my E-scooter and it's almost like having your car to drive you around a huge shopping center. So I can leave my car to charge, but have something smaller that transports me fast, so I can get back to my car in time when it's done charging. Because not every business will be a short walks away from the supercharger, a lot of them tend to put superchargers way in the back of a shopping center.

I keep an E-scooter in my trunk for many practical purposes so I can park my car far and use the E-scooter to reach my destination. Especially in places like Los Angeles where I rather not pay $20-30 to park, I will park somewhere free like in a neighborhood with less restrictions (especially far for walking distance) then ride my E-scooter to the final destination. Or stadium parking where it can be $100 to park at Sofi Stadium, I park in a neighborhood that's too far for walking and ride an E-scooter or E-bike to the stadium, by passing all the traffic trying to enter the Sofi stadium parking lot. I can also do it for Disneyland where I park in a neighborhood and be able to enter the park faster than a car that went into the parking structure because my E-scooter can get closer to the park entrance than a parked car can, lock it up at a bike rack. Also Six Flags Magic Mountain even though I can park in their parking lot for free, their parking lot is massive and if you park in the back its a really far walk, which also lock up at a bike rack.

This E-scooter in the trunk serves many purposes to find free parking and practically still reaching your destination within a reasonable time. Just hope there is a safe place to lock it up or take it with you. I have no idea why this idea hasn't picked up, it's such a huge money saver.
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I actually have considered this idea multiple times. My wife and I road trip our Model S's quite a bit and (at some stops) some of the places we want to venture to are a just a bit too far to get there, do what we want, and get back by the time the car is done charging.

This was the primary reason we bought mountain bikes in fact. It's something we wanted to try out anyway as I used to always ride and got out of it a number of years ago. My wife really never did so we thought it would be a cool and active hobby we could enjoy and supplement a little more activity. We live near some great mountain biking and our back yard basically leads to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where lots of people visit just to bike. We'd load them on the car via a roof rack whenever we traveled and grab them off if we wanted to venture to a place a little more off of the beaten path for a meal or what not while we charged up the car.

Sounds like a great idea on paper but what I discovered was having two mountain bikes on your roof absolutely crushes your highway efficiency. If there's a breeze on top of that... forget it. The very first (and last) time we ran out of juice before making it to a Supercharger was also the first time we took the bikes in this fashion to Moab. The other thing we learned is that my wife dislikes mountain biking. 😁

Enter the electric rechargeable scooter idea. I thought that it would be a great option to fold up a couple of these and drop them down in the rear well for trips. Being able to grab them out for a quick ride somewhere would be clutch. I think it would be even cooler to install some sort of charging interface in there that you could toggle on/off. We'd basically just store them in there (since it's not like we'd ride them other than when road tripping) and then we could toggle the charging on for road trips so they'd basically be topped off each time we grabbed them out.

I was thinking that, with the recent social rejection of the scooter rental model, there might be some solid deals to be had on a couple of these. We don't need anything fancy and I think something that's seen some use for a fraction of the new price would fit the bill. I'm sure we might discover that there's some options we want later on but, at least for now, basic is best. A to B type thing.

I'd be curious who else has done something like this and if you can supply details, photos, etc.
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Oh ya wanted to update on this.

This scooter hack can really come out ahead when you wanna charge or park for free in Las Vegas strip.

Most Caesars & MGM hotels started charging for parking again. And it sucks to only rely on one hotel and hope you can charge.

I staying at Paris Hotel. The nearest hotel with free parking is Venetian & Palazzo. Now I save an easy $15 per night, and get a fun scooter ride on the strip. And also have more flexibility to try find charging that can be free and not worry how far it is. It’s a 1 mile trip which will be a long walk and probably not worth the hassle to save $15, but if you have a e-scooter it’s totally worth it.

It’s best to come with at least one person though so that person can take your luggage to the room while you go park and ride the scooter over.
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I have access to free charging at work which is around 3 miles from home. I use my m365 scooter to get around or go home while the car is charging.
I use my scooters for quick run to the neighborhood supermarket, taking the kid to school bus stop, explorer the surrounding areas while charging, camping,...


Is there any option to charge larger appliances like an E-scooter in your trunk of the Tesla? Like directly into the Tesla and use its electric source? Anything that's a 110V or your standard two prong electric plug and not a USB?

I keep an electric scooter in my trunk as my "last mile" extension. Usually when I park somewhere like Los Angeles, I have the option to find free fast parking in places that are considered too far of a walk but quick for an E-scooter. Stadium events like Sofi stadium where parking can be $100 & 1 hour traffic entering / leaving the stadium parking lots is where the scooter hack is really worth it. Park in far neighborhood, ride scooter to venue.

Las Vegas strip having an E-scooter is a great way to get around. But this is where I need some way to charge my scooter because the range is limited. I always drive my Tesla and usually I want to go around the strip on the E-scooter but be able to charge the scooter in my car so I can use my driving time as charging time. One full charge is only enough for about 1 round trip from the Palazzo / Venetian to NYNY is 4 miles total and I'm low or almost out of battery.

I will usually go into my car go off strip somewhere, but my scooter will be nearly out of battery so I want a solution to be able to charge my scooter while it's sitting in the trunk of my car. I looked at portable battery stations, like for camping. But how do I figure out how many full scooter charges it will give me before that power station needs another recharge?

Ideally my plan to be able to charge a scooter in the trunk of my car is if I'm gonna be out all day somewhere like Los Angeles and I want to go to Santa Monica, Hollywood, and downtown LA and want to scooter around in 3 places. One full charge ideally works for one round trip, but doing it more than once will require a way to get a recharge, or bring another scooter. I have the Segway ES2, I just don't like the bigger scooters for carrying around, only for scooter ride shares where I won't take it with me. So I guess the concept of charging in the trunk of my car is I can use a slimmer scooter with less range and keep the bulk (charging) in the car.

But my goal is to have this flawless E-scooter hack plan where I can park for free indefinitely in cities that charge for parking. By always having a fully charged scooter at any moment when you're driving and need to park far due to limitations like paid parking or simply no nearby parking. At first I just rented a Lime scooter and parked far, but finding a scooter can be a hassle sometimes and there can be lots of restrictions where you can leave it. I wish more people will do this, force expensive parking in cities to stop charging $20-50 just to park. My goal is to figure out a way to make this possible in Los Angeles, which I have for many locations.
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