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Expected Delivery Timescale Delays?

Having (stupidly or otherwise - not sure) test drove an S85 I was bitten by the Tesla bug straight away. I decided to put my deposit down and order an S85 in Titanium, with Autopilot (of course) & pano roof.

Now here is the kicker. My current XC60 is on lease until July and I drive 150 miles a day for work so the lease fees are hefty to say the least. I decided to ask Tesla to deliver my new S85 in June 2016, giving a small overlap between the cars.

I have seen some posts about UK deliveries being rescheduled beyond expected, and have a few concerns that the planned overlap between these two cars will be eroded by delay.

For those who have had reschedules, how long a delay did you get?

Not sure whether you are planning to lease and return the Model S, but bear in mind that if you are buying to own the government is planning to withdraw the zero rate VED for £40k+ electric cars...from April 2016, I believe. if you get the Model S before then you will have grandfathered zero rate VED. Not huge £££, but over a few years it adds up and helps resale value.

Similarly, depending on personal financial liquidity I would be tempted to return the Volvo early or just let it sit on the drive for a couple of months - it sounds perverse, but you will then be driving the Model S earlier (looking back you will be glad to squeeze in the extra months driving pleasure) and you will be saving fuel costs. Also, if you are not driving the Volvo you reduce the risk of damaging it in the final months and having "that conversation" with the dealer!
Brunel, thanks for the info. I had missed the Chancellor's changes and further research indeed show that a Tesla Model S being over £40000 will attract an additional £310 per year Vehicle Excise Duty. Some good news though for me is this comes in for vehicles registered after 1/4/2017 so I should be ahead of that particular watershed.

Turning to the idea of mothballing the XC60 for a few months, not sure this is going to stack up for me. I have rationalised spending piles of cash on the Model S on the grounds that once I have put down 40% of its price myself, the finance costs on the remainder are actually less than the lease cost of the XC60 (£800 pm). Even with an annual mileage of 30000, hence the lease cost being so high, I would only be saving the Diesel cost of £350pm.