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United Kingdom

  1. R

    Hertz [UK] Tesla Rental

    Hi All, I hope someone can give me some insight into this. I have rented a Model 3 from Hertz (Heathrow Airport) for a week and I pick it up in a few days. Does anyone know what deposit they take for these cars? I have it for 7 days, I pre paid for the booking via debit card. I know in the US...
  2. ROTA

    [MYLR] Young Driver Insurance through Company

    Moderator note: The first two posts in this thread were moved from a different forum. Hi people, just looking for some general advice after spending the past couple months researching across this forum and others, I can’t seem to find someone in the same position, specifically in the UK. I’m...
  3. D

    MYP UK Waiting Room

    Morning all 👋 It’s all in the title, this thread for us MYP reservation holders in the UK to chat all things Model Y Performance (And also because I’m gonna cry next week seeing all these MYLR pop up on the sister thread Model Y UK Delivery…and on the roads too!) E.g. the latest trendy &...
  4. S

    Delays with supply parts

    Hi. My Tesla M3 is with body shop repair for past 2 months, as the parts they have ordered from Tesla are on ‘back order’. With these parts on being ‘back order’ , there is no time frame given on when these parts will be sent from Tesla. So I have no idea when my car will be repaired and so I...
  5. T

    Model Y UK Delivery

    Finally made the move and ordered the model Y. Is there are tracker to find out where we stand and when the cars will be shipped to the UK? My order number is RN1158565## and wonder where I stand with the rest of the community that ordered one. :)
  6. T

    Will I get a glider trailer into the supercharging areas?

    I've recently ordered M3 AWD LR + towbar. Very excited and thinking about various practicalities. One of them is that I'm a glider pilot, and will be visiting other clubs around the country with my own glider, which is transported in a ~8m long trailer (this one, to be exact). This will...
  7. L

    Best Company Car Insurance That Cover Alcantara Dash?

    Hi everyone, My M3P 2021 is estimated to be ready for collection in November. I’ve purchased it through my own limited company and have a fully comp insurance quote of £733 through Churchill - with me down as the registered keeper. I’ve asked them how the insurance quote would be affected if...
  8. D

    Models S - 2017 100D or 2019 75D

    Hi all I am about to buy my first model S. Have owned a 3 before. In my budget I have a choice of : 1. 2017 100D 2. 2019 75D Otherwise both same in terms mileage and specs. I will use it 90% for London driving with the occasional (every 3 months ) 300 mile trips. Can’t decide between the...
  9. D

    Bought 2017 MS 75D, in UK; process for getting set up with app & superchargers?

    I've now bought a 2017 MS 75D, really pleased so far. The main task still ahead of me is to register ownership with Tesla. I'd be grateful for help gaining clarity on what this involves. My understanding: The seller (dealer) will notify DVLA of the sale; I then get the V5C, perhaps within...
  10. MrBadger

    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    A thread to discuss orders, deliveries and collections (and all things related) for vehicles expected to be delivered during 2021. This thread supersedes the 2019/20 Orders and Deliveries thread. For each quarter, this Wiki page shows the estimated/actual delivery, shipping dates and vehicle...
  11. TMC Staff

    Tesla Reportedly Building UK Plant Which May Or May Not Be A Gigafactory

    It could just be a research and development facility that could also produce battery packs. Have a grain of salt close to hand, because we’ve just caught wind that Tesla might be opening a new facility in Europe, after the one it’s currently building close to Berlin, in Germany. This one could...
  12. melbrayporkpie

    Which floor mats?

    I presume this one if for fellow SR+ chaps. What floor mats are you guys buying for your 3? Any recommendations would be fantastic!
  13. S

    Cannot charge above 16amp 50 miles per hour on public rapid and fast chargers UK

    Just been on the first long road trip using charge place Scotland network, combination of rapid and fast chargers however every plug seems to detect at 16amp max charging around 50 miles per hour. I was using a combination of 50kw rapid and 22kw fast chargers but all maxed out at 16amp. 16/16 on...
  14. EV Guy

    Tesla trade-in request form

    Unsure if is is common knowledge but you can submit your trade-in request online at Trade-in Value | Tesla UK
  15. Hubster

    Model X v9 update...

    I’m still waiting for my X (2018 75D) to be sent the v9 update - am I alone?
  16. Hubster

    Model X: Software Updates

    Has anyone in Europe, specifically the UK, received and installed the latest v9 update yet? My 2018 MX is currently on 2018.32.2, I gather 2018.39.whatever is imminent but being new to Tesla I don’t know if the US goes first and then it rolls out to the rest of the world?
  17. P

    How to save thousands on Tesla UK PCP finance

    When I signed up for PCP finance with Tesla (Blackhorse) in February, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the excess mileage charges have reduced to a flat unlimited 7p/mile, where it was previously 7p/mile for the first 5K excess miles and then 14p/mile for any additional excess above that...
  18. WannabeOwner

    You You Xue - Model-3 UK Roadtrip

    In case not everyone knows? You You Xue took his M3 on a road trip across USA kindly showing it to people, and giving rides etc. That must have been a small "taster" project, because he is now shipping the car across the Pond to do a tour of Europe :cool: Dates have seemed to be a bit fluid...
  19. A

    UK PCP return value deductions

    Trying to calculate whether to use cash or PCP for a new Model S... Does anyone have any experience in what sorts of wear and tear are considered fair by Tesla when returning a PCP car at end of term (assume 2-3 years)? For example, are they fairly tolerant or do they hit you with £500 for a...
  20. Vegas

    Maxing out AP1

    On a recent trip between Sydney and Brisbane (Australia) a distance of 915 Klms (569 Miles), I wanted to see the maximum time I could rely on autopilot AP1 (Classic front P90D). Where ever possible including through traffic congestion and country towns I used AP1, with my hand resting on the...
  21. M

    Is it me or.......

    Ever since the I pace launch my ms 75d seems a bit faster. I had never experienced my front end slightly lifting under 0-60 acceleration but it did on Saturday and again yesterday. I haven't checked the timing but defiantly seems a bit quicker. Has anyone else experienced this in the last few...
  22. Fellsteruk

    Tesla "Barclays/Lloyds" PCP Finance Question....

    Hey, Just curious about how the finance works with the delivery etc.... Am I correct in my assumptions below: Design car in studio Apply for finance through site " let's assume approved" You place your order via studio, pay the £4k fee Wait for delivery confirmation Once approved for the...
  23. Subevo

    Least miles to a full charge?

    charged car to 90% on a model s 75D. Bearing in mind average temp about -3. So far done 20 miles and now at 60% lots of preheating and short journeys over several days.at this rate I will be lucky to get 60 miles. It got me wondering if anyone can get worse than me.
  24. S

    After market towing package OR multi-bike bike rack

    Hi all. I have a Model X, but regrettfully didnt get the towing package. Does anyone know of or heard of the Tesla installing the towing package retrospectively? Or does anyone know of a multi-bike bike rack for the Model X without a towing package Thanks
  25. M

    Tesla club house heathrow

    Well Tesla has announced club house meet on the 1st at heathrow at 18.30. Guess when Jag I pace has their world wide launch 1st at 6.00pm what a coincidence .
  26. Fellsteruk

    What’s it got...

    Hey Is there a pdf or something that details all the features of the base model x covering what you can do with the car controls and app? All the “extra” stuff is fairly documented but the website seems light on info for example I only just discovered that the front seats are heated as...
  27. 12Pack

    First real snow experience

    The Beast from the East has given me a first real snow and ice experience. P100D MS on Michelin Pilot SS summer tyres. Compared to a previous Range Rover, the straight line traction control is amazingly seamless. Mash in the pedal and the traction control light flashes wildly, but the car just...
  28. themetz

    21” Referral arachnids are ON !

  29. E

    Easy entry and charge port open

    I use and like easy entry profile. Particularly since it arrived in an over the air update - very smart. It’s better too, since the update that made unbuckling your seat belt the trigger to change profile, rather than pressing the park brake. However, I don’t want to move to easy entry when...
  30. Fellsteruk

    Best energy provider for EVs

    hi all I’m currently with Brisitah Gas and just wondering if you’ve switched to better “cheaper” providers who work better for EV owners. I’m hoping to make most of charges at work for free but want to make sure I can charge at home cheaply.
  31. Fellsteruk

    Interior ??

    Hey, If I add the £5,700 premium pack to a model X does this include the premium interior? I really like the dark ash trim/panel but unsure about textile seats? Am I right in thinking the textile seats are part textile and part “faux” leather anyway? That’s another thing paying £3100 for...
  32. Fellsteruk

    Just had test drive... wow

    hey everyone, New to the community and Tesla, always been a fan but only just started to seriously think about switching. Anyway had a test drive of a 100D model X and I cannot stop thinking about it, my main reason for the test drive was to see what an EV was like and the quality of Tesla as...
  33. cantanko

    Arachnids, unstaggered to staggered, alignment, winter-to-summer and back...

    Hello, Had a search around but couldn't find an answer that really covers this. Just picked up my extremely shiny set of Arachnid referral wheels and found out that, like the P-variant 21s, they are staggered front to back. Whilst I assume it's not an issue fitting a staggered set to a lowly...
  34. Afdyce

    New Tesla Accessory

    This man has grown a Tesla logo. Also available in black for younger models.
  35. O

    Model 3 UK reservation holders

    Hi all, Been reading this forum for a while now, finally got round to signing up. Just wondering if there's (m)any other UK based Model 3 reservation holders on here? Also what the anticipation is in terms of cost (monthly cost on PCP or whatever Tesla offers)? I jumped on the bandwagon and...
  36. J

    Does anyone have shares in Tesla Inc?

    I was just wondering how many people, if any, have shares in Tesla Inc. If you do then how much?
  37. J

    Any Car Meets or Events?

    I was just wondering if there are any car meets or events near South Wales? I'm a massive Tesla fan but I'm only 21 and have no chance of getting one until the Model 3 has been out for a little while. I'd do anything to sit in one or get to feel the acceleration! I know Tesla have events...
  38. J

    How much do you think a used Tesla Model 3 would be worth in 3/4 years time?

    First of all hi:p, this is my first post. I was wondering how much everyone thinks a used Tesla Model 3 would be in like 3/4 years time. I know production of right hand drive Model 3's doesn't start until next year but I was curious as I'm a huge Tesla fan. I'm hoping for them to be around the...
  39. A

    No Traffic reports?

    I have traffic reports selected on but in the two months I have had the car I have only had one report? My BMW reports them all the time. My Tesla retail shop (Cambridge) said you have to have the radio screen showing to get them but that does not seem to make any difference. I use DAB rather...
  40. E

    Sat nav turn-by-turn not counting down distances?

    Driving recently I noticed on the main screen sat nav that the distance to the next turn or junction was not updating. The turn-by-turn list shows the length of each step in the journey. Usually the distance to the next event counts down towards zero as you arrive at the turn or junction but...
  41. M4guy

    Wheel spacers, who’s running them?

    I’m thinking about fitting wheel spacers on my P85D (staggered 21” turbines) as I hate the way the wheels sit in the arches. Anyone else running them on here? What sizes?
  42. Terry_B58

    Model S Trip details

    While I am waiting delivery of my MS75D, I have, like many other before me, been reading the manual from cover to cover :) When I use my car for work I need to accurately record my mileage (and claim the pennies back;)). On my present car I reset Trip A each morning, do my visits for work then...
  43. X

    Gatwick Parking for Two Weeks

    Hello. I'm looking to park at Gatwick for two weeks in my Tesla. Is this a stupid idea? Tim
  44. A

    Paintless Dent Removal

    Hi All, Do you guys/gals have any recommendations for paintless dent removal around the Reading area? Would prefer to use someone who is used to working on aluminium cars, rather than a bodyshop that will give it a go! Thanks, Alex
  45. A

    Heating turns itself on?

    My 100S bought Dec 17 seems to turn on the interior heating with no input from me? Yesterday for example I did not use the car until late afternoon. I checked the status of the car in the morning and interior temperature was 9C the same as the outside temperature. Shortly before my trip in the...
  46. O

    Black Lloyd Luxe boot carpet mat

    Hi all I have a genuine thick pile black Lloyd Luxe boot mat looks brand new and which I imported from the US which cost $260 plus import duties of around £50 from memory. It’s very heavy and probably makes more sense to pick up than post. If anyone is interested in making an offer please PM me...
  47. L

    Referral Program coming to an end tomorrow?

    Hi there, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm in the UK and am considering getting a Model S. I've been told that the referral program for free supercharging for life (I'm guessing the car's life, not mine...) is coming to an end tomorrow. Is that right? Is it likely to be...
  48. A

    Spotify in UK

    Hi All, I am new to Tesla (since Dec 17) and even newer to Spotify! Can anybody help with.... 1. Can I save any music or playlists in the car using the Tesla account. 2. My wife has now got her own personal Spotify account, how do we use that in the car? Just love the car by the way, S 100D
  49. U

    UK Model 3 - early Wall Charger

    Hi all, Recently, a family member (who didn't know their strength) managed to accidentally physically damage my i3's home charging station. I reached out to Tesla to see if I could expedite a Wall Charger prior to taking delivery of my Model 3 - rather than get another generic station from...
  50. Jonathantuba

    Charging Tesla at Warehouse

    At my warehouse in UK there are charging points like illustrated for charging fork-lifts. My question is can I charge my new model X from these charging points? I want to find out before ordering Tesla charger to be fitted. Sorry I am new to Tesla and am unsure

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