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For Sale: 22 Inch Turbine Wheels

This is the referral award for 22" Turbine Wheels in either Onyx Black or or Silver. Comes with wheels, tires, TPMS, caps, free shipping and installation at your choice of service center anywhere in the world.


Price: $4,200. PM if interested and thanks for looking!
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Thanks for the feedback. Can you change your referral to the 21 inch or do I continue looking? Thanks!

He's prob better off with the 22" wheels as he can get more for them on the secondary market. There are several people constantly selling the sets of 21" wheels, keep looking locally as well via craigslist, etc....You'll find a set soon. What color is your car? If its light, i would go with dark wheels, if its dark, dark or silver wheels set them off nicely as well. I went with the Arachnids on mine.

I have received the email for the referral prize Towards model X 22 inch turbine wheels. It's a complete package from Tesla (including installation, TPMS etc.). Tesla is selling them for $6K (on their website). 22 Inch Pirelli tires retail price in Discount Tires or Big O tires etc. itself including installation is close to $2K. I am offering them for $4,700 OBO. Can be sent to your service center of choice for installation. Let me know if anyone is interested.
Thank you.