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FSD Hardware Upgrade Question

Hi, was hoping someone here knew the answer to this. I have a 2018 Model S. It has the Intel Atom and AP 2.5 computer. I was interested in subscribing to FSD per month, but it said I needed to pay $1000 for a hardware upgrade. Does anyone know what exactly are they upgrading?

And let's say I don't want FSD anymore, if I no longer subscribe, does the hardware upgrade give me any extra benefits to my car if I don't have FSD?

Well, HW 3.0 might have some benefits, but they are hard to quantify. My expectation is HW3.0 would improve the safety systems that use it. For example, AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking), could benefit from having a more robust and powerful processing with related software to detect situations. Tesla has never stated this, and for obvious reasons, I don't think they ever would. It makes sense to me that the better hardware with improved software should do a better job. Less clear is if these benefits (if any) are worth $1000 to you.