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Good video on Model 3 charging

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Good, well-controlled charging session that represents optimal conditions. Best I've seen so far. It's possible that the battery was slightly cold which kept it from going straight to 116kW. Just driving for 40 minutes, as stated in the video, is not necessarily enough to preheat the battery, especially when it's 56F outside.
Btw, would the owner of the video share how much that entire charging session cost? I'm curious to know if the rate is based on after efficiency loss from the charger to the battery or before. It may also provide some insight on the true capacity of the battery pack.
Hey, check this video out:
Great Video (3Victoria). Expecting my Model 3 in June and being new to the BEV world, videos like yours helps me what to expect from Charging. I took your 56F data and graphed it. It would really help to know what the charging will do at different temperatures. If you make additional videos at (Warmer & Colder) temps, I will graph it in a Quick Reference Chart. Thank You again for the great video!!
SUPERCHARGER - 56 F - MODEL 3 - (3Victoria) Video.jpg
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