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  1. S

    Sound ramps up when closing YouTube, Netflix or Disney

    Whenever I quit out of any video channels on my Tesla M3 to radio, the sound ramps up sharply for a split second before coming back down to normal level again. It’s very annoying and surely is a software bug. Has anyway experienced this and how to fix it? Surely Tesla can do a quick audio...
  2. BobbyKings

    Upbeat Tesla, SpaceX, Elon Musk videos

    In deze tijden van oorlog, energie-dilemma's, inflatie, kapotte accu's, haperende FSD, Corona, en andere kopzorgen leek het me ook wel lekker om wat videos te plaatsen met een positieve vibe. Gewoon ff tussendoor. Zonder kwalificatie. De eerste: Hebben jullie er meer?
  3. Maximillan

    Videos to watch whilst waiting for delivery of your Tesla

    After following the waiting room thread, I remembered that watching Tesla videos was the best way to wait for my car to be delivered that didn't involve checking the Tesla app or buying more accessories. So I thought I would start this thread for people to post videos to watch in order to...
  4. J

    Sentry Videos Can't Play

    My 2021 MY reports incidents when Sentry Mode is on, but when I press the button to play the video sometimes I get a message that the video can't play. Other times it works just fine.. Any suggestions, or is anyone else having this issue?
  5. TMC Staff

    Tesla Semi Prototype Once Again Demonstrates Its Acceleration

    It might surprise you how quick such a big vehicle can be. The silver prototype of the Tesla Semi was recently seen in Fremont, California and one of the Tesla enthusiasts recorded a short video of acceleration, after a left-hand turn. Once the driver hits the accelerator pedal, the Semi gains...
  6. ZeeDoktor

    Video and data blackbox for my Model S

    Hi all, I've finally finished building the framework to automatically make blackbox videos using the dashcams in my S with data overlays recorded on every drive using my phone and a CAN bus adapter. Check out a sample drive here: Read the video description for more details on what it...
  7. Maxpilot

    Video issue from front camera on new LR+

    Here is a little clip of video from the front camera on my 10 day old car. There is an area at the bottom of the video that is unfocused. I sent the clip to Tesla mobile service and they went out and compared to other new cars on the lot and told me they all did this. To me, it appears that the...
  8. H

    Accident, Hit and Run, Sentry

    I had an accident. I had parked the car in the city center of Munich, Germany, and gone shopping. Suddenly I received an alarm message from the car. I didn't take it too seriously. I went back to the car and drove home. Then I looked at the video recordings from the car's cameras. A van had...
  9. surrelmar

    Waarom FSD zo lang op zich laat wachten (video)

    Goede samenvatting waar we nu staan ten opzichte van Full Self Driving. Maar ook eigenlijk wel een goede samenvatting van alle bullshit en misleiding via Elon. Overigens ben ik het niet eens met alle standpunten in deze video, als developer weet ik hoe moeilijk en complex dit soort software kan...
  10. n.one.one

    Giga Berlin Drone Videos

    Prior to this week there had been a variety of excellent drone videos of Giga Berlin on a very regular basis. This week the pace slowed. There has been nothing new from Tesla Kid and the_wolfpack_berlin posted only ground shots saying that drone videos would return. Does anyone know if...
  11. S

    Undercarriage inspection DIY with phone

    Might be an obvious thing to many but in case it's not, thought I'd mention that you can use an extending Selfie stick with your phone attached to it and put it on Video with the camera recording facing you and easily record the undercarriage of your car this way. No lifts or jacks needed. Sort...
  12. S

    Finding the YT DAErik videos really great to see the process (Solar/PowerWall)

    We're signing up for Tesla Solar Panels and PowerWalls and have had many questions understanding the process. Lots of great feedback from owners on here (thanks!) and our Tesla Energy contact has been super. This morning had our 2nd conference call with him (yes, even though he had the day off...
  13. webbah

    Watch AppleTV+ via the browser

    I haven’t found a post on this via search so I thought I’d share what I’ve done to make this work. Not all of this is required. I wanted a seamless setup with onboard wifi that’s completely hidden (I live in an Apartment without wifi in the parking). The wifi onboard is free for me as I can...
  14. BZM3

    Browser Video Streaming - Seems to be working now!? (Also Youtube TV!)

    So I've definitely tried this several weeks ago and it didn't work, but I had some extra time today and was playing around and decided to visit Twitch.tv on my Tesla Browser and low and behold, I was able to stream live feeds! Several weeks ago when I first tried, an error popped up saying...
  15. eustachio

    Model 3 light show

    My 10 year old son is a massive Tesla fan and was instrumental in us buying the car. He keeps saying he's so happy we got our Model 3, has a Tesla shirt he wears every day (and sleeps in- it gets a lot of washing!), and has taught me stuff about the car. He got this idea having seen a Model X...
  16. Mod_S_Pilot

    Youtube & Netflix

    Who has this? In Canada Model: Software Version: 2019.32.12.? AP pack? I've heard rumours of some claiming YouTube. I've only seen spotify on mine. Why wouldn't they just install DLNA and have a window open for that? (Like backup cam does) Then we or passengers could cast from phone...
  17. tfraley

    V10 Media : Wish

    Hey, guys Version 10 has dropped and finally got around to doing some testing. As expected you can not play any type of video while driving. I wish Tesla would re-think this and rather than block the who app/site they would just replace the video with a black screen I would love to still be...
  18. J

    How/where to upload vidoes from your Tesla?

    I just had an interesting encounter with the some motorcyclists on a 2 lane road. These idiots were passing on the right and just about ran some guy in an S off the road. Where is the best place to upload my TeslaCam videos so I can share them on this site, and maybe the cops?
  19. komocode

    macOS Dashcam viewer (beta testers needed)

    I worked on this app this past weekend. It allows you to quickly scrub through all of your video files on the USB device in one timeline. It's mostly done. Just need some beta testers. I need HW3 users (to see if video files changed in any way). Message me if you fit the above. I only need a...
  20. X

    Tesla FSD videos ?

    I can not find any videos from a demo FSD drive from today’s event. According to the webcast, people attending would have to ability to experience the new hardware and software. Any NDAs involved? Any links/videos ?
  21. EvolutionTeʂla

    Extreme Autopilot Testing with v2019.12 (video)

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to share my "extreme autopilot testing" video with you. I put the lane keeping abilities of 2019.12 to the test on some really challenging winding country roads and it did incredibly well. Some nice improvements compared to my last test in the fall. I also tested...
  22. EvolutionTeʂla

    Wow, so much fun! My first NOA test with 2019.12 (video)!

    Hey gang. I just posted a couple new videos to my YouTube channel (Evolution Tesla) covering 2019.12. The latest one offers a good test of the new capabilities of NOA on the highway. I ran into a few issues but overall it was a really fun and exciting experience. We're getting really close...
  23. S

    One of the best looks inside Model Y from last night reveal

    After looking at a few of the test drive videos from the Hawthorne Reveal Night, I thought DAErik had one of the best inside Model Y videos. Better video lighting. You could actually see the seats and such, and he grabbed a look at the jump seats. Brief look but you can at least pause the video...
  24. K

    Volunteers needed for New Video Project on Tesla Summon

    Hello, I'm looking to do a video project to share with various social media communities (YouTube, Facebook, reedit, and prominent EV blogs) to raise awareness on the deficiencies in Tesla features for customers outside the United States vs those inside. The project is meant to be light hearted...
  25. TMC Staff

    Engineering Explained Upgrades To Tesla Model 3 Performance

    Explains how the Model 3 rear motor might work. Jason Fenske, of the popular Engineering Explained Youtube channel, has traded in his Tesla Model 3. His new car, which he says is a huge improvement, is also a Tesla Model 3. The video above doesn’t just fill us in on why he made the switch. It...
  26. S

    Tesla Semi at San Luis Obisbo Madonna Supercharger

    Saw this article this morning in Teslarati. I am in love with this Semi. Some photos included and a great video at the bottom of the page...or watch it below. Tesla Semi's temporary 'Megacharger' system glimpsed in Madonna Inn sighting
  27. aikisteve

    Taking v9.0 on a road trip and discovering some issues (part 1)

    This weekend, I took the car out on a 1280km / 967mi road trip to Germany for another aikido seminar. But along the way I discovered a few issues with the update and the autopilot cameras, disabling the auto lane change. Seems there are some issues with the alignment, like they had in the...
  28. TMC Staff

    Watch Tesla Model 3 Navigate On Autopilot: New UI Images + Videos

    Approaching full autonomy on highways. Tesla released a few new images of the Tesla Model 3‘s Navigate on Autopilot UI that shows us how it looks when the car drives in a mode that combines Autopilot with navigation. It’s the first time a manufacturer introduced a feature that enables the...
  29. P

    Autopilot in 360 Degrees

    Here is a quick demo of a 360 degree video I made using data from the autopilot cameras. Shoutout to @verygreen for providing me with the raw footage. Video was generated in after effects and current version in missing mian, narrow, and rear cams. (main camera is an after effects rendering...
  30. Superskillz

    Awesome Fan Made Tesla Commercial

    Worth the watch!
  31. T

    Trying to achieve time travel?!

    Well, just goes to show you that, perhaps, just perhaps, sticking to the speed limit has it's merits. VIDEO: Security footage of an airborne Tesla - BarrieToday.com I wonder if insurance will pay out for this one?
  32. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla - update 2018.21.9

    My review of the latest software update 2018.21.9. Some minor AP improvement, some big visual improvements. But a very annoying nag time. This might actually be the very first time that I want to skip it.
  33. Daniellane

    This is nuts. No wonder repairs are so expensive.

    Tesla approved body shop highlights Model 3 repair in time-lapse video - Teslarati Tesla approved body shop highlights Model 3 repair in time-lapse video — Teslarati
  34. B

    Blackvue 900 dashcam video script

    I installed a pair of BlackVue 900s in my car and wrote a script to download the files and store them on my array. The script will download all files to a root directory, the date and finally front or rear. Note this script is for a quad channel set up aka 2 dual blackvue dash cams. Each...
  35. Daniellane

    Model 3 & Model S Load Sharing 2 HPWCs Video Demo! WooHoo!

    Just took delivery of our Model 3 today and finally had the opportunity to thoroughly test our dual wall charger set-up. It works like magic! Two HPWC’s sharing one 100 amp circuit. From the HPWC installation manual: The Wall Connector includes a feature whereby Wall Connector to Wall Connector...
  36. aikisteve

    What is the most efficient travel speed?

    For us Europeans there is always a big question when we go on road trips and have to crosse Germany. Do we have fun on the Autobahn and drive fast, but charge more? Or is it less time consuming to drive slower and charge less? This week I took it to the test and compared driving 120 kph to...
  37. IgorAntarov

    [video] Model 3 vs Model S: An unfair range test on Russian roads

    Here is a first road test of our Model 3 in a rough road conditions on wild Russian roads. Model 3 vs Model S, ~400 km to go, no chargers around - will they make it? ps: This video is from our's main english youtube channel. I don't know if it's ok to post here every test we do. But I...
  38. benjiejr

    Just another Model 3 viddy

    Some drone and GoPro viddy...
  39. IgorAntarov

    [video] The first Tesla Model 3 in Russia. Do russians know about EVs?

    The first Tesla Model 3 in Russia. Here is the story I've promised - how and why we brought it to Russia so early. Interviews and reactions of random people on the streets. Do people in Russia know about EVs? You've probably seen a "Tesla Model 3 vs. Chevrolet Bolt Drag Race" with our Model...
  40. M

    Odd Consumption "30 Mi Average" Behavior

    In this video, between the 40 and 42 second mark, the average WH/Mi increases even though the point being removed from the chart (left side) is lower than the point being added to the chart (right side). While this looks wrong from a basic math perspective, there could be a logical explanation...
  41. SeBsZ

    Meerdere keren "Take Over Immediately - Vehicle Departing Lane" tijdens een rit bij baan wisselen.

    Beste forumleden, Ik ben van mijn mening dat mijn S 75 van September 2017 een probleem heeft. Ik heb maandenlang niks op internet gezet hierover, omdat ik echt dacht dat het aan mijn Tesla lag en Tesla dit zou oplossen voor me. De laatste weken ben ik bezig geweest om ze in Tilburg te...

    Weather-based Driver Profiles

  43. J

    Processing Speed of Touchscreen in Model X/S vs. Model 3

    This video is a great comparison of the processing speed of the touchscreen in Model X/S versus Model 3. When averaging the speed of different tasks on each model, the Model 3 average 4.44x faster than Model X/S. Given that Model X/S are considerably more expensive than the Model 3, the...
  44. DrivingTheFuture

    Our Crashed X is still not fixed...

    It wouldn't be as big of a deal if the body shop was actually honest with us and had good communication skills... But they haven't been and they dont. They said in January that it would be ready by end of the month... Just last week they said it wasn't painted yet and they were still waiting on...
  45. N5329K

    Another Jack Rickard Deep Dive (the Model 3 drive unit)

    At 30 minutes, this is a Jack Rickard micro video, but he has interesting things to say and equally interesting speculations about Model 3's drive unit. Watch him get nervous as the car starts making clunk-clunk noises, all by itself, at the 24 minute mark. Robin
  46. aikisteve

    Rimac Concept_two vs Tesla Next Gen Roadster

    Yesterday Rimac announced their latest full electric hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show and boy, does it have mighty impressive numbers. Now, the price tag of over €1 million sets it in a different league as the Tesla Roadster, but the performance figures are pretty similar. And maybe some...
  47. David99

    If an ICE blocks a Supercharger...

    This is what you do with an ICE-hole oddly satisfying
  48. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Protection

    The best time to protect your new car is when it's BRAND NEW. The very best way to protect your car is wrapping it in self healing, hydrophobic and extremely glossy STEK DYNOshield. DYNOshield is infused with a nano coating during the manufacturing process making it the easiest to maintain...
  49. EV-lutioin

    User Interface Speed Comparison: Model 3 vs. Model X

    One of the first things we noticed in our Model 3 was the quick UI processing speed. Here is a video comparing the UI in the Model 3 to a Model X .
  50. Kenriko

    Tesla Model S | LED License Plate Bulb Installation