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Goodyear Tires on Model S

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I’m not sure which other models might come equipped with the OEM Goodyear tires but I wanted to hear what people think. I have them on my 2023 Long Range S (on 21” wheels).

I find them to be fine from a road noise perspective and also fine in dry weather. I’m not concerned about the winter because I have my Michelin’s but I’m finding them down right treacherous in the rain. I can’t imagine it’s just me but these are absolute the worst wet weather tires I’ve ever experienced and I don’t just mean hydroplaning.

Even with just a wet coating over the roads and with mildly aggressive braking, I slide. On acceleration, I slip and slide causing the traction control to engage. I’m almost in shock at how poor they are in wet weather. I’m not even talking about cold weather. Yesterday was about 18, so it’s not about being cold. Anyone else experiencing this?
I have a 2016 S 90D. I find the Michelin Primary MXM4 make good 3 season tires. No chirping at full throttle, good rain traction. If you keep them properly inflated 45psi (or perhaps more) they handle quite well. Good for well over 50,000kms.
If we get an out of season cold spell and I have already (or not yet) changed out the winter tires the perform acceptably in a light dusting of snow or slush.
My 2015 85D came with the MXM4 stock. I got 72K on them, but they were definitely a 3 season tire. Any little snow or ice on Vancouver roads and I had to really focus on these tires not losing traction.
I did not really need a dedicated set of snows for the S given we see so little here in Vancouver.
I wanted something better in the rain, and a 4 season tire, so I switched to Nokian WRG4. I found these quieter and great traction in the rain and snow. Only issues, the S suspension really wears the inner edge on the rear set(but cheaper than a modified suspension!). I rotate them every year when a swap our MY RWD set to snows(Not a huge fan of the Pilot Alpin PA4 on a RWD only vehicle).
Now looking forward, I will either replace with Nokian Remedy WRG5 or the Michelin Crossclimate2, both cost about the same.
Anyone have thoughts on these two tires, one over the other? Also, my TPMS are the originals, 9 years old, probably time to change them during the next tire swap.