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Got to test drive a Roadster and as a bonus, a Model 3!

A big thanks to @ViviV for setting up this amazing opportunity for me over the weekend! As expected the car blew my mind in many ways and definitely solidified my choice to, "join the club."

And as a bonus, I got to drive (and autopilot) the Model 3. I'm glad I drove the Roadster first, but it's interesting to see the progression from the beginning of Tesla to where they are today.

Here's to hoping I'll find the right Roadster!


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My first experience with a Roadster was when a good friend let me borrow his for a month or so. I am now that car's second owner :)

Ha. I test drove the Roadster on a lark when looking for a car ... and now I have one.

What's your color? I am also in LA. I have seen an Orange one on Beverly Glen once, an Orange one (maybe the same) in Beverly Hills and a Midnight Blue one near the SM service center.