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Hard Reset: Regen issues?

In my previous post about my trailer hitch installation... After complete, the car wouldn't 'see' any of the sensors. The place I took it to performed a "hard reset" which entailed disconnection of the 12v power and then rebooting the car.

All the sensors work, was able to use Auto Pilot on way home, etc.

But regen - at first, it felt like it wasn't even there. But it's def there, and I was def able to 1-pedal at various points on my way home. But there were other times where I had to use the brake in situations where I def would not have in the past.

Question: After a hard reset, does it take a while for the car to 'dial in' to your driving style and for regen to act more aggressively? Only 2 settings as we know, low and standard. It's def on standard, checked multiple times.

Thoughts? Not worried, but kinda perplexed.
Correct, SOC is <90. And as I said, I know regen was working, I could single-pedal drive at slower speeds. But if I was > say 45 and let off the accelerator, it didn't slow down much or as hard as it used to. So much I thought regen was in a "low" mode. it is not.

Current range (per app) is 105 mi, so ~43%, and this was a 10 mi drive back from the body shop.
After dinner, I took the Model 3 for a 15 mi test route - up hills, down hills (regen) highway speeds (55 US hwy) and local traffic.

All is good. Yeah!

I think it's the mental aspect of taking your car to the shop then wondering if it's working properly again. With the hard reset, my seats and mirrors were wrong, so I was all discombobulated from the start and was rushing to get home. Prob accelerating faster into traffic, then wondering why the car didn't slow as fast as I expected.

Couple that with a ride an electric motorcycle that I have set for very high regen, I'm confident this was all in my head.