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Hello From Iowa Currently Have A Volt Hoping to Move Up to a Tesla, promoting EVs

Hi, the Volt is not nearly as great as a Tesla but it is a start. If the Model S is too big for you a Volt may be just right while you wait for the Model 3. I would urge everyone to promote EV's in general! I take my Volt to local cars and coffee events. I've got a friend who has a Tesla and another person I've met who does EV conversions. We try to go as a group. This is especially important in states like Iowa that do not have a Tesla store. ICE car people are curious and impressed by the engineer of electric cars, especially the Tesla. Since a lot of them appreciate speed, Tesla's performance is respected. This shows the genius of Mr. Musk's plan to build the best car in the world that just happens to be electric. So don't go to EV owner meet-ups. We are already sold on EV's! Go where the ICE car people gather and wow them with your Tesla. This is the best way to promote cleaner EV driving! Thanks for reading. Enjoy your Tesla or future Tesla. Hopefully I can move up to a Tesla some day. Cheers!