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  1. A

    Greetings from the Greater Indianapolis Metro Area - New MYP Owner

    Hello! I just took Delivery of a 2022 Red MYP (Black Interior, No FSD/EAP) on June 8, 2022. I placed the order on December 12, 2021. I had a seamless delivery at the Indianapolis - Castleton Service Center. Since then, I’ve put on about 1100 miles. I’ve utilized the Superchargers in Carmel...
  2. schulty

    Long time fan, first time listener ;)

    Hey all, been watching the fun for awhile. My 2014 Audi Q5 TDI really makes sense to sell right now with used car prices so high. It was fun while it lasted but I was always going to buy a Tesla eventually. It feels like a perfect storm right now :) Pretty close to pulling the trigger on a MYP...

    First-Time Tesla Owner in San Francisco

    Hello, TMC community. I'm a former lurker, a TMC member since ordering, and now a bona fide Tesla driver. Although I haven't participated in car forums in a few years, I was once an active member of Spyderchat.com, a forum dedicated to the third-generation Toyota MR2 Spyder--any other former...
  4. bons

    Greetings from Hong Kong!

    First time Tesla owner, 2017 MS 75D FSD, what we've discovered so far: 1. We can't record videos in sentry mode, awaiting MCU2/AP3 upgrade option to become available. 2. Cards and flat things will fly into the below screen abyss, but removing the cubby provides an easy solution. 3...
  5. SquirtCow

    Greetings from Norway

    Hi guys! So happy to be a new member of the gang, still waiting for my Model 3 LR/DE - which will hopefully be delivered by the end of next week. Went for the red color, with the stock 18" rims. FSD will have to wait.. I'm a 39 year old geek from Bergen, Norway, currently living in Sandnes...
  6. C

    New "short term" member of the Tesla Model S club

    I posted in the forum a few times...but not as a new "short term" member of the club. Picked up a 2016 P90D in SLC and am headed back to SoCal. Excited for my "shake down" cruise! i assumed a lease for a year (good terms)..so it is my one year "test drive". I lucked out and the big storm is...
  7. blkpantha

    New from SC

    Hello all... am about to pull the trigger on Model S75, AP, Prem, Subzero, Midnite silver Never owned a Tesla before but have always desired one. I find the 100D appealing rangewise even though the S75 would meet my commute needs. How do y’all ( it’s a southern thing) get past dilemma...
  8. K

    MX Owner from the bay area (California)

    I am an Engineer and I own a MX P90DL. My wife likes the MS more. Funny thing.
  9. H

    Model X smash repair in Sydney

    My Model X (delivered January 2017) was involved in a low speed head-on collision in early December. It's about to come back from the Tesla approved repair shop (in early March). There was about $A60,000 in repair cost. With such a major repair I'm concerned to make sure the work has been...
  10. D

    New Tesla owner in (in a few weeks) from Oakland CA

    Providing there are no production hiccups, I should take delivery of my new Model S Mid March. I’m currently looking for recommendations for an electrician to install a 14-50 in my garage, then a HPWC later on. If anyone can refer me to an electrician who won’t up-charge me because I’m...
  11. Voveri

    Battery upgrade uncork?

    Hi one and all and greetings from Denmark that's Europe not USA :-) I will be collecting my secondhand 2014 Tesla S 60 next Saturday and cant wait its low mail age and been very well looked after from what I can see. I have always found that to be a member of an owners club in the past to be a...
  12. TX-T3sla

    About to join the Tesla Family from Texas

    I joined the TMC back in April 2016 but never posted anything until now. I’ve been keeping up with Tesla news through this and various other sites like everyone else. I live in the DFW area. I reserved the Model 3 on 4/1/2016 but decided to go ahead and order a Model S 75D. That is the car I’ve...
  13. M

    New owner from Netherlands

    Hi all, have been reading up on this forum for a long time now and finally I will be picking up my Model S75 (with a few goodies) tomorrow in Tilburg. As a long time BMW fan I am slowly changing to become a Tesla fan. Having never driven a Tesla before, or even been in one ) I think I will be...
  14. C

    Servus from southern Germany!

    Hi guys out there! I'm Chris, 23 years old and since September 2017 I'm glad to own a 2013 Model S 60. I made a dream become true. Own a Tesla... Up to now I drove it for 16.000mi, I bought it from a friend with 67.000mi. So I'm looking for more thousands of kilometers with it, it was the...
  15. M3totms

    Newbie from Murrieta, CA. Hello all!

    Hi everyone, just signed up after have been reading lots of content on this site over last month. I currently drive a Chevy volt and M3. I am looking to pick up a model S and this forum looks to be very resourceful. Thank you for all the insight. I look forward to my full conversation to...
  16. P

    Hello from the Netherlands!

    Hi All! Nice to join this group! Want to buy a Tesla this year, so nice to read all the forum posts! -Petra
  17. moulari

    Hi Newbie here from San Diego

    Hi Andrew here! Recently took Delivery of two 2017 Model S 100D's. Both built in September. So far so good! Love these cars and never fully appreciated what they were all about. Already learned so much just reading through posts. Looking forward to contributing to the forum.
  18. C

    Newbie from Toronto, Canada

    Hello all, I am counting down the days to March 8, 2018 when I receive my 2015 Model S 70D from the CPO Tesla inventory. Cheers to everyone in the community.
  19. GoneCrazy

    Long Time Lurker

    Finally convinced to make an account to help improve the Model 3 metrics reporting and provide additional feedback from my neck of the woods.
  20. SSCustoms

    Vendor New-ish to the TMC Community. Quick Question

    We are SSCustoms a shop in Redwood City CA, right across the bridge from Tesla. We have been working directly with Tesla on special ops projects such as the designs you may have seen on the Tesla.com/vets cars. We are in the early stages in planning something special with Tesla for the Model III...
  21. T

    Hello from French

    Hello guys. Just wona say hello. Have a nice day everyone!:)
  22. Another Geek

    New owner from Canada

    Hello all, I am a new owner, and by new I mean i pick it up this Friday. Im currently like a kid at Christmas...only 2 more sleeps. I work in IT in the higher ed sector. This is my first foray into an EV. Coming out of a Supercharged ICE so I welcome no more trips to the gas station. I have...
  23. E

    Model S AP 2.0 Rear View mirror connector

    Wondering if someone could help me out - trying to install the F800 Pro dashcam on my Model S 2.0 AP 2.0 I was following this thread P100 Auxiliary Feed And the install instructions are pretty straightforward. Although I really want to avoid splicing into the original cable behind the rear...
  24. F

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hello there My name is Fermin, and my first Tesla should arrive in the next 2-3 weeks. It's a Model S 100D, midnight silver. I've added black interior, carbon fiber design, better auto pilot (no "preparation for full autonomous driving", though, since it's unclear when it will be legally...
  25. T

    New Incoming Gigafactory Workers Looking for Relocation Help From Current Employees

    The employment deficit at the gigafactory is partly due to the inability of out of town workers to establish a dwelling in the Gigafactory. If you are a current employee looking for a roommate or offering a couch, or a new employee looking to for a place near the factory, this thread is for you.
  26. H

    Happy new year from Geneva - Switzerland

    Hello everyone, I just ordered my S75D blue less than a month ago. I will receive it in March of this year. Tips for a carpet, cover for the trunk for mo9n dog who is a Siberian Husky. My project linking Geneva to the North Cape
  27. S

    Hello from sunny England...

    Hello! I've now owned my 2017 Model Sl for 3 and a bit months and loving it! Fortunately I got onto the 1.49% APR which is great! I am absolutely loving the Model S! The auto pilot, the acceleration, the sun roof, the free Spotify! But mostly the home charging! I love not having to go and hand...
  28. Callahan

    Happy New Year from Los Angeles!

    Hey everyone! Long time listener, not-quite-first-time caller here! I first fell hard for Tesla a few years back, and then doubled down after reading Tim Urban's fantastic four-part series on Elon Musk. Since March 31, 2016, I've been anxiously biding my time, and splitting it between Electrek...
  29. MarkinArch

    Hello from San Antonio

    Hello All. First post on this forum. I am a day one reservation holder anxiously awaiting an invitation to configure my 3. Currently drive a 2011 A4 with 101,000 miles which the 3 will be replacing. I am addicted to the "Production Photos" thread in the 3 forum and my color choice changes...
  30. 3VOLUTN

    Happy New Year's Eve - New Member with a..

    Model 3! Hello Everyone! We named her Elektra :)
  31. A

    Looking electrician reference in orange cunty, cA

    Hi, Just got my model X and looking for references for an electrician in Orange county, CA. Thanks -anil
  32. scottysize

    Nissan Leaf Owner from Texas

    We ordered the original 2011 Nissan Leaf. Kept it until the lease ran out and then leased another one. That lease runs out this year. I'm hoping the Tesla shows up before the Leaf has to go back in November. If so, I might let wifey drive it for a few months to see if she likes it before...
  33. Wakuwaku

    New Tesla Model S driver from Belgium (actually a Dutchman)

    Hi I am Marcel from Belgium, I am dutch but I live in Belgium for about 20 years now. I took this big step 2 weeks ago, I decided to order a Tesla Model S 100D black metallic with white interior. I hope I made the right choice, but that's what we will see in about a few months. I currently...
  34. C

    New Member Tesla in Hannover, Germany

    Although I've owned a Tesla Model S for more than three years, this is my first venture out to connect with the Tesla community. I'm a NY Times bestselling author of two books (The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches) and my passion now is to create a global community of influencers anchored by...
  35. Peter.h

    Introduction - Newly minted Roadster owner

    (I didn't see any rules around introductions - if it's inappropriate please feel free to delete) I just bought a 2011 Roadster Sport 2.5 (#1171, Thunder Gray) -- it's my first electric vehicle and I absolutely love it. I have only had it for 2 weeks, but this forum has already proven to be a...
  36. rucksack

    Texan for Tesla

    Hello: Been lurking for a while and figured time to step out from the shadow. I have been interested in electric cars since the eighties but the trouble was always the range. I toyed with the idea of an EV1 as a run about car when I lived in Palmdale CA. I just couldn't get over the idea of...
  37. S

    Greetings from Denver!

    Long time reader of TMC but finally decided to sign up. Not an owner but with kid number 2 due soon, I am on the lookout for a new(er) car. I have really enjoyed the amount of information and enthusiasm this group provides. I hope to call myself a Tesla owner in the not too distant future and...
  38. spie

    Checking in from the cold, cold north

    New user, long time lurker from Turku, Finland. Got my first Tesla, a brand new inventory S100D, this week, and that made me finally take the plunge and register.
  39. Grindiezar

    How to change/edit user name?

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to change/edit user name? Thanks
  40. A

    Taking Model S 100D on a Scottish Highland adventure - advice please!

    Hi everyone, My name's Alistair and I'm a freelance tech and automotive journalist. Next weekend, I'll be heading from London to the Scottish Highlands in a Model S 100D borrowed from Tesla's PR division. I've driven several Teslas before, S and X, have used Superchargers etc. But I've not...
  41. V

    New to TMC and my recent introduction to Model S: Questions about referrals

    I'm new to this forum, so please accept my advanced apologies if I am doing anything inappropriate. Today my wife and I were in the San Francisco Bay Area and we decided to visit the Tesla Factory and Showroom in Fremont, CA. We got a chance to test drive the Model S and we were greatly...
  42. nigelsilva

    Introduction! South Florida

    Hey guys, my name is Nigel Silva. I just ordered (last night) a Model S 75 Inventory car. Black with Ultra White interior and Enhanced AP for the only options. I'll be taking delivery in Raleigh, NC on Dec. 1st – Can't wait!!!! I've spent the last few days meeting people on the forum and...
  43. S

    SpaceX Short Film - "We Choose"

    Dear SpaceX enthusiasts, Here's a passion project I shot over the summer with a team of likeminded people. I hope you like it!
  44. S

    Awaiting my X

    Hi I’m Shyam from Sacramento,CA. After a long wait, I finally pulled the trigger on 10/28 for a 75D X. Hope to have it delivered on 12/23 for my dad’s 65th birthday. Meanwhile, I’ll stay in the shadows and read the posts.
  45. D


    After fondly watching Teslas passing by for the last few years, I have decided to buy one, so now I am a proud owner of a fully loaded Model X 100D, dark grey. I live in Lugano, in the Italian Switzerland, 70 km north of Milan, and travel throughout the country, Austria, Germany and Italy. I...
  46. L

    Does anyone have a Tesla in OR near Galway?

    Hi, My name is Lariane and I am currently studying Business Management in GTI, Galway. I am doing a team project on Tesla and I was wondering if anyone has a Tesla in or near Galway City that they wouldn't mind driving into the parking lot. It is a team project and it's kind of like a sinking...
  47. 7

    Long time lurker here

    hello, A long time lurker, and recent owner of a lovely s75d in midnight silver. Love the car, too busy driving to take time to post! Hopefully I will gain lots from the community
  48. Olds442

    So I took the plunge! Was going to wait, pfft....

    Hello from Chicago! Well, the NW burbs anyway. I avoid downtown now a days. Recently stole a P85 with under 60k miles through the CPO program. They are getting crazy over there, I swear they've lost their minds. Man I hope nobody gets fired over this. Or at least not until after I take...
  49. H

    Hi from Toronto

    Just saying hello from Toronto. Joined about two months ago but just recieved mx100D last week. Silver seven seater with cream interior, no options. Love the car, just did our first trip to a supercharger today. All I can say is wow. Those things charge fast. Winter is coming, winter tires soon...
  50. L

    Connecting in Calgary

    Hello Everyone. I would like to introduce myself. I am a retired IT Project manager who became aware of e-vehicles after purchasing an e-Bike earlier this year. I have had a lot of fun with it and when I started looking this fall for a replacement vehicle and I included e-vehicles in my...