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Hmmm spotted but not feeling this wrap

Stealthy wrap there, OP.

Wraps, you say? Be careful what you wish for... *evil grin*:

This actually doesn't look quite as garish in person - also, the aftermarket nosecone chrome piece looks really good up close.

But that fuchsia... *twitch*

I first saw this car a few years ago at the Culver City/Fox Hills SC with a Pepperdine license plate frame. It appears to have survived the experience, and rumor has it the car is under new ownership now.

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One of my old neighbors had a Model S with half the car wrapped. It was weird. The wrap ended halfway across the long side straight down the middle. The kicker was that the line separating the halves was all over the place. Can't imagine what prompted them to do that and then decide to leave it on.