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Horrible experience picking up my THIRD S car


Nov 22, 2019
4 Mi N of D/FW
Sure, quality is spotty and service is admittedly lacking, but look on the bright side - no other car company has the deliberate, intense focus of Tesla on delivering continuous improvements in the ability of their cars to make fart noises.:rolleyes:

Get your priorities in order!

Absolutely. Another update last night, but I still can't increase the effing font size on the screen ( a safety item with me ), or move seldom used controls like the seat heaters out of the way. I've offered to PAY to enable the convenience lights and fog lights, but no soap. But now I have two new silly games, and I can now make fart noises outside the cab, ad nauseam.
I've never spent enough time in a Supercharger that I need a computer game or other silliness to while away the time. I'm usually taking a break, grabbing some chow, rechecking my route, or doing a walkaround preflight. The amount of time wasted on silliness like that astounds me.
The crippled browser is pretty useless, my phone, tablet and computer run rings round it.
But I can sing along with songs I never sing.
I have to rig a separate receiver to get AM radio stations, I have to use a separate XM Radio tuner, but I can't plug either into the sound system. But I can hear really cool fart noises... The list goes on...
My two cars are the apples of my eye. You will take them from me only after you pry my cold dead fingers off them, like my gun. But honestly, some days I wonder if the decision makers at Tesla have taken leave of their senses.
So many other problems to solve - fit & finish, service center issues, P. R. in general, idiot restraint of trade laws in some states ( like Texas! ), and they piss away money on silliness. Whimsy is one thing but this is insanity. Caraoke, my butt.


Oct 1, 2019
ABQ New Mexico
I was an early adopter. I recently ordered my third Tesla S. It was supposed to be picked up yesterday in West Palm Beach. Yesterday morning, when I went to sign the lease papers online, I noticed that the miles shown were 89. I had previously read that Tesla usually just puts down 50 miles automatically when registering the car. I called the local store; first they said it was 89 km; I said how could that be, then they said they had no idea why the car had 89 miles. I asked if it was a car returned by a purchaser; they put on the sales manager who said he didn't know who or how the miles were put on it, maybe it was a demo, and that Tesla had reduced the price by $600 as a result; he said just to tell him if I didn't want the car, providing no alternative to me. I had no choice but to come in, as I now had no car (having returned my prior S the week before). When I got there, someone was putting a temporary tag on a car that looked like my new one; when my friend asked the employee, the employee said no, it was not my new car, but rather a "used car." Inside, they said it was, in fact, my new car. We went back outside and started doing the usual detailed inspection, just like another car next to it that two people were pouring over with an employee, taking pictures of defects. We started doing the same, when the sales manager came out and said, don't bother doing that, because we won't fix anything that is cosmetic or related to non-mechanical defects, scratches, etc. We had just noticed a deep scratch on one panel; he said even that was our problem and not theirs. i was shocked to say the least. I told him on principal I didn't want the car and didn't want to be treated like that. My salesman online in California never told me that the car was a demo or similar, and that I would lose those type of inspection and repair rights. We went back in to look at inventory, and, of course, there was nothing similar available. I finally said, OK, after over an hour of my valuable time wasted I would have no choice but to take the car. My friend said to him, at least fix the scratch. He finally said OK, like he was very reluctantly doing me the biggest favor in the world. As a final insult, I asked if they could take off the front license plate holder which apparently had hidden screws behind it, when they put on my old plate, since in Florida there are no front licenses. He said sure, but you have to schedule with Service and it will cost you $25. This is hardly the type of welcome a luxury car brand should be offering its clients. I appreciate that the plan is to make this a mass market car company, but Mercedes/Jag/BMW/Audi still treat their customers better that this, with respect, from past experience. There was one junior female employee who seemed sympathetic to my pain, but she had no power to resolve anything.
You knew it was a snake.


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Jan 22, 2018
Northern California
They're not compensated for prep and delivery. Tesla owns the stores/service centers. They pay the employees and they got rid of commission last year. The employees don't have much incentive to do more than the bare minimum to keep their job.

I wonder if employees consider Tesla stock to be motivating compensation.

TSLA Pilot

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Mar 12, 2013
United States
I guess I have been spoiled over the years( I am soon to be 78) being able to buy Mercedes,BMW,and Audi's. I have never experienced
anything that comes close to the experience I had when I took delivery of my 2021 Model S last week. I felt like I was at a yard sale and was
bothering the home owner when I asked questions. Totally unorganized and could not get rid me fast enough they told me they were extremely busy. Left after I signed the papers and paid for the car. I had a message flashing on the screen that no key could be found.
Ate lunch and went shopping opened the hatch lid to put packages in and when I tried to close it kept going back up and down. Finally
manually closed it went back to the service department and of course I got questioned if I had an appointment and since at my age I have no filters left I went off on them they went and got the Girl that handle my paper work. She got the service manager and he said we will take care of the problems. They had given me the key fobs for another car so that was solved and adjusted the hatch lid. When I got home
45 miles away I opened the hatch and it would not closed. Called and talked to the Girl she put me on on hold for about 15 minutes then
came back and said they were going to send a Ranger to my home on Monday tried to call all week no one answered . I hope this is not the norm but from reading on here it is.

Hold it.

You CALLED and someone answered the phone!?!

You have got to be kidding, right?

No one answers phone calls at Tesla any longer so this must be a jokester . . . .
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