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How to increase amperage from wall charger

I have a Tesla Wall Charger.
I connected a 60 AMP breaker (which should allow for 48 Amps of charging).
I ran a 6/2 line and connected everything up.

The car is only allowing me to charge at 32 Amps.

Before you say it is a dip-switch setting, the dial is on "9" as it should be according to the chart. (pic attached)

How do I increase this charge to receive the maximum 48 Amps from my 60 Amp breaker?

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I got it now.. Thank you!

The good news is you are prepared for the future with 60A breaker :)

You can install two wall connectors and they can intelligently share power and charge 2 cars at once. That will work better on a 60 A breaker than a 40 A breaker if you had known ahead of time the car only supported 32 A and gone with that choice instead :)
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