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I need to carry musical keyboard, dimensions of the trunk

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Hi, am an owner of the Model3. I am musician I need to carry a digital piano YamahaP35 with me which dimensions are 59.00 x 16.00 x 12.00 Inches. I want to buy Tesla Model S - I am interested in the size of the trunk. In Tesla3 there is a limiter to the right so it would not fit. I need to carry it not like ski but from the left corner to the right corner of my car. Is it possible to fit?

If not, is TESLA Y here better?
With the rear seats up, the width at the smallest is between the rails for the cargo cover and the base of the wheel wells (floor) at 38 1/2". The width with the rear seats folded increases to a maximum of 54" between the two rear doors. Behind the wheel arches there is a hole on the left is 12" tall x 15" wide by 56" across to the other side (right). Also on the right side, there is a really small hole above the floor about 12" off the floor that probably adds about 6" of width to the 56" across, but it is only about 6" wide. This is all measured with the floor and not the storage compartment below the floor at the rear of the vehicle. The new Model S just being released may be wider.
Thank you but I am not interested at all in folding down my rear sit. In my current Lexus RX 450H I can fit my keyboard without folding down my rear sit. Just from the left lamp to the right lamp, this is the dimension I would like to know please?
see pictures.


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I don't think the Y would be wider than the S, but someone please correct me if I am wrong. FWIW I am planning on folding both seats down tomorrow and picking up a new push mower. The box is large but I am fairly confident it will fit. I'll try and remember to snap some pics. Best of luck OP!