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Idea for reducing dirt entering the pem

I have been recently working on my PEM following the instructions i have found on this site and via youtube. I have noticed a few things about the PEM and have a few ideas for reducing the amount of dirt within.

1) How about adding the (bucket) cyclone part of a dyson handheld vacuum cleaner between the fan and the pem? This would use the cyclones to reduce the size of the particles entering the PEM and allow easy empty of the bucket without reducing the air pressure. This is a dreamed up idea but someone with more ability than me might want to develop it.

2) Would there be benefit to removing the plastic mesh on the pem slots to allow leaves to fall out easier?

3) Has anyone considered putting the PEM on a hinge from the battery so that it can be cleaned in situ?

4) Have any water-cooled ideas been tried? maybe using a water-cooled CPU cooler or similar?

Just some ideas to toss around.
1) Air enters the unit too quickly so the piece you use would need to be much, much larger, so it would not fit.

2) Bad idea, because larger objects would get in to rip the unit apart

3) Requires serious re-design, costing serious money

4) Would add super amounts of weight AND the water would need to be cooled by air anyway.

I believe the best idea would be large high flow filters. They also would need special design but could be molded to fit anywhere (much like a regular car air filter for the air intake). In the mean time, brass screening might be an option to keep all but particulate matter out, I guess.
If we could find something like this in smaller version (is now 10" diameter and 15" length):