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Intelligent speed limiter

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Hi guys, first post here recently picked up my new X, white with chrome delete, beautiful car.
My problem is that I also have a Ducati Diavel, not a problem I here you say.
Wrong, I have now accumulated so many points that next time I am stopped for speeding I will lose my licence for 6 months.
Now the Tesla actively knows the speed limits, not sure if this is just GPS or it reads the signs. Why cannot we have an adaptive cruise control that follows the speed limit? Example if I am in an 80 zone using adaptive cruise control (doing 80) and the speed limit suddenly changes to a 60 zone, then the cruise control should also reduce to 60, automatically with no input needed from me. Surely this must be really simple to implement?
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Unfortunately Auto Steer Mode is pretty useless on the roads I drive. Often covered in ice and snow they are scraped to death and the yellow line down the middle is often erased. This means the Tesla tries to drive in the middle of the road, not good with on coming traffic. Yes I have 2018.10.4 that came out here a few days ago. Also, the reduction in speed is so slow when driving from an 80 km/h zone to a 60 zone, much slower than it is when driving manually. Today under notice from the 2 comments above, I tried the full Auto Steer Mode 1 km before a 60 zone. I was driving 86km/h, drove past the 60 sign about 200 yards before the speed changed, that would have been my license gone had I trusted it. And yes, it is my responsibility to keep to the speed limit and not the cars. But normally, when driving manually, the speed would change from 80 to 60 after maybe 40 yards, seems the processing power required for Auto Steering is drastically slowing the processing power down.
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I understand your situation. Since the speed is GPS and map identified, they may have your speed change mapped wrong. Mine drops immediately where the sign and and speed drops. So, I don't think it is a processing issue but maybe an inaccurate mapped location issue. It would be more ideal that the car adjusts the speed to achieve impending change before the speed limit sign is crossed.
Hello. Today I tested it again. When I was driving in full Auto Steering Mode (ASM) in an 80 zone, my car sat at 86 km/h (+6 km/h relative), when I passed the 60 sign, I counted 7,5 seconds before the dashboard changed to show I was in a 60 zone. In metric terms that is about 165 meters (180 yards) after the 60 sign. That would have cost me my license which I am struggling to keep hold of. So I tested it again when driving "manually" like the good old days, foot on the "electric" and steering myself, the dashboard took 1 second after the 60 sign to change from 80 to 60. This leads me to believe that the processing power when driving in full ASM slows down the input from the GPS. I will keep testing :)