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Interior colour

I've recently reserved and I'm still toying about with the options,

at at the moment I've got solid black, with black next gen seats and premium interior, what I can't decide is what colour headlining to go for?

black seats with white headlining?
black seats with black headlining?
or tan seats with black headlining??

ive got two young kids so normally stay away from light seats!
If you don't have pano roof then I think black + black + black will be too, erm, black.

My current car has black leather and the beige headliner, and after 16 months and 24k miles the headliner is still immaculate despite it transporting a 6 and 4 year old every day.

The P90D coming in November has grey seats with black headliner - I've decided to be more brave about the seat colour!

(All food and drink is banned in the car, and the kids have now stopped asking so I think we can now take the risk on a lighter interior)
Yea, looking at the garage I only same black with white, but the designer looked nice with black, so did the beige and black.

My BMW has got red seats at the moment, and although food and drink is banned (2 and 7 year olds!) I've still got marks from shoes / crayons (yes they are banned too!! But still appear) and general kid junk that marks the seats.
I have black exterior, black interior and white alcantara headliner; thought I would rather have black headliner but after driving a few loaners with black, decided I'm good with white.

The black headliner is not a deep black, but almost charcoal -- especially in different lighting and when touched. White is less noticeable which is what I want from something obstructing my view.
I originally ordered tan seats with cream headliner.

Just after ordering, I went to see the new blue colour, and whilst there saw a bunch of cars with the tan leather seats at heathrow.
They'd aged pretty poorly.
Then I remembered I had a car with cream seats for nearly 4 years a while ago, and it's seats looked really quite bad by the end.

I changed my order to black leather, but kept the cream headliner because it seemed to go well with the pano. Arrives in 4 weeks.
I"ve Black, Black and Black (Normal seats and not premium interior) with no Pano. I've come from Black series Audi's and really like the black headliner, the Tesla Alcantara is beautiful.


No headliner shots on the computer unfortunately. I'd go same again (with maybe a different outside)

all depends on what you like i guess, all the interiors i've seen and sat in look pretty good examples :)