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Is there an adapter to use this outlet? Leviton 3762C

Looking for help charging at work. The outlet I planned to use which is within reach of the mobile adapter does not work however, we have this extension cord plugged into a Nema 6-50 outlet. The end of the extention cord is a Leviton 3762C locking connector but I can't find any adapters that would allow me to plug a 6-50 or 14-50 mobile adaptor into it.

Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Leviton 3762c.jpg
The 3762 is an industrial grade non NEMA locking plug. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this, but if the extension cord will never have another use, you can simply cut off the end and attach a new 6-50 plug. Personally, I would trace back the outlet that doesn’t work first and see if why it doesn’t work is obvious. It’s the logical fit.
Huh--this is a fascinating one. My first reaction was thinking EVSEAdapters probably has an adapter for this, but it turns out they don't. This is a very odd choice of why someone made an extension like that from 6-50 to 3762C, since they are not officially electrically compatible. 3762C is listed for 250V DC or 600V AC, and I'm not sure why that is. But basically 6-50 is the 250V AC category, so it's not really supposed to adapt to 3762C.

EVSEAdapters does build custom cables though, so maybe this is one you could request for them to build. Or, you could just get a real 6-50 extension cord yourself to do this more properly.