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New 240v outlet pulling 0 amps.

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I recently had an electrician install a nema 1450 receptacle on a 40 amp breaker for my mobile connector. When plugging in, the mobile connector shows the pulsating green light as if it’s charging, and the car itself says it’s charging but it’s pulling 0 amps. It is showing 240 volts, however.

When using the included nema 5-15 (regular US wall plug) adapter, it charged as it should.

It’s a weird issue, and I did schedule a service appointment with Tesla.

I did see 1 other thread where someone managed to get their 14-50 adapter replaced by Tesla and it did the trick, I’m really hoping that will work for me aswell.

Any ideas?



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Weird that you chose the exact same title...

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Why did you put a 14-50 on a 40a breaker?

I guess it will be ok using the mobile connector as it's limited to 32a. But do be careful if you use any other EVSE that would allow more.
Since I have a standard range model y, it can only charge max 32 amps. But yes, you are right. If I do get another EV that can charge at higher amperage then I will upgrade.

Thanks for the reply