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Issue Placing Order on Tesla Website

Wondering if anyone had a similar issue or suggestions on how to proceed.

I placed an order for solar and PWs on the Tesla site last Friday. After I hit the order button there was a delay while it processed and then it gave an error saying something was taking longer than expected to process and to resubmit the order if I did not receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes. I did not receive a confirmation email, but the order appears on my Tesla account page and my card was charged $100.

The issue is that on the order page there is no button under Home Assessment to do my self assessment. I assume this is not normal or does it normally take some time for that button to appear?

I called Tesla on Monday and they said they could not find my order in the system using either my order number (as displayed on my Tesla account page), my name, or my phone number. They said they would look into and get back to me but I have zero expectation of hearing back from them.

Should I cancel this order and reorder hoping I can get the $100 back from an order that does not even show up in there system? Should I wait it out and hope something finally unjams in the system? Call Tesla again and hope for a different result?
Thanks for the input and appreciate the advice. Obviously I would like to get going on what will be a many months long journey with a number of similar SNAFUs so maybe I should just treat this as practice.

Mainly I am interested in what the panel layout will look like and how much of the system they will be able to fit on our limited southern facing roof. We are going for an 8 kW system with 2 PWs and if we can get at least half of it facing south that would be preferred with the remaining hopefully fitting on the west facing second story roof (SE side of the house). I have done some powerpoint engineering with the satellite photos and it looks close, but I don't completely understand all the setback requirements and exceptions.

We use about 1.1 MWh/month. With a half south and half west facing system, PVWatts with default losses predicts we would have produced 98% of our usage based on what we used last year.