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Kids Entertainment? How do you do it?

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Questions to all of your with kids

I have 2 kids and currently driving Acura MDX with the entertainment system.
I see Model X have no such options. So I guess the only option would be to somehow mount an iPad(s) (with wired headphone) or give them iPad to hold in hands

There are multiple issues with my plan
1. The biggest one is the Safety issue, I'm afraid that in case of an accident the iPad will fly out and might hurt somebody.
2. Wired Headphones will be a mess all the time
3. Need to hide it somewhere when we get off the car (where do you hide it? there is no pocket on the back of the front seats)

Please share your entertainment system :)
iPad mini fits in the center console, you could likely store 8-10 of them in there.

Bluetooth headphones are compatible & readily available.

I don’t have a solution for securing the device in the event of a violent accident.
Bluetooth headphone is even more trouble, since most of the times they will not connect right away and I will need to do troubleshooting while driving with 4 years old :) also will need to connect them to USB while storing so they will be ready when I need them :) oh man
I glued two magnetic mounts to the back of the front seats. Then I installed a metal plate on each of the iPad Minis. The kids just use headphones plugged into the iPad Mini jack. We use Vudu to maintain our video library. Right before a trip, the kids download the movies they want to watch on their iPads. It works out great.