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Log Book App - Useful/Redundant/Already Done?

Discussion in 'Model S: User Interface' started by autodidaddict, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. autodidaddict

    autodidaddict Member

    Oct 26, 2015
    Windsor, CT
    Hey all, please pardon this post if this has already been asked and answered.

    Growing up, my dad was "the car guy". He spent his life working on and repairing cars for fun, and he was world-renowned for being able to rebuild carburetors with MacGyver-like finesse. Anyway, one of his habits that I picked up was the log book. Every time he got gas, he wrote down the date, how much he added to the car, and how many miles he'd gone since the last fillup.

    I've seen threads on the forums here of people keeping track of their efficiency over time (e.g. what the display says for range remaining after filling to 90% mark degrading over time, etc). I'm wondering if there's any use in an app that functions as a log book, but for the Tesla. It could use the owner API so you would just get in your car, tap "log" and it would pull the date, time, and reported range values for you. Then you could see a graph of your "range remaining at 90%" vs time, etc.

    Is this something that has already been done, or maybe is already available as data from the Tesla itself?

    Just trying to gauge interest as it seemed like something I would code up for myself once the Tesla arrived.

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