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User Interface

  1. M

    How to subscribe to economist plus on Tesla

    I already have a subscription to The Economist Podcasts Plus, but I cannot find how to connect to it to the Tesla. Can anyone please help? Thanks.
  2. D

    Maps UI Frozen Regularly since 2023.32.9

    My 2019 P100D has developed a weird issue where I sometimes enter the vehicle and the maps screen is frozen. Not frozen in updating GPS location or traffic information. It quite happily follows my drive, but I am unable to touch anything on the maps screen. The search bar, moving the map...
  3. C

    Going from call to spotify without hanging up.

    Hi there. I'm in an interesting circumstance where in in the process of waiting for my fiance's visa to get approved so we are living the long distance life at the moment. We like to call and literally stay on the phone all the time (Even when sleeping, but you know we do what we gotta do) We...
  4. L

    HVAC Auto mode- who came up with that garbage?

    So I got to experience my 2022 MXP in cold weather for couple months now... It is obvious to me that whoever came up with the climate control and windshield algos lives in a warm, dry place and thinks the rest of the planet is just like that. The climate control in cold/ damp weather is a...
  5. Minecon_CA

    No more kW in energy widget

    Did anyone else notice how the energy widget in the instrument cluster no longer show the kW? Here's what it looked like before: Hope they'll bring it back in the future!
  6. G

    Confused about charging in off-peak hours

    I'd like to take advantage of off-peak hours for charging, obviously. But... In the settings, there is only one time that you can set; for when the off-peak hours end. But there is no setting for when they start? How does it know when to start charging? If you aren't going to leave until 2...
  7. S

    Listening to podcasts with the latest SW upgrade

    Lots of new features in 2020.24.6.4 update. You can listen at greater than 1x speed (1.25, 1.5 and 2) Side view backup cameras are nice too. But when I first started my car all my podcast favorites were missing. Only my FM radio and music favorites showed up. A bit upset that Tesla could mess...
  8. Master Chief

    Screens go dark again

    I have read that this is a recurring "thing", but driving down the road and having your car reboot in front of you is extremely disconcerting. Is this truly normal activity? Last week, I had just left the office, heading home. I was listening to a podcast from my Bluetooth-connected iPhone and...
  9. M3BlueGeorgia

    Please remove "Preconditioning battery" message

    Are we the only people irritated by the obnoxious "Preconditioning battery..." message? Yes, it is kinda interesting to know this, but it sits in the same place as much more important messages, and it's really obnoxious.
  10. Marmac

    Text message and favorite contacts issue

    I have noticed 2 issues in my Model 3 with the new update regarding phone improvements. One is that I do not have my favorite contacts showing up in the car’s phone app. The other is that I can receive text messages and they are read to me, but I cannot reply. The car says “listening” and I can...
  11. TMC Staff

    Tesla V10 Software Update Video And Tweet Overload

    If nothing else, Tesla’s official account, videos shares, and press releases are up a notch … or 10. Well, well, well. To date, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has proven successful with promoting the company via his seemingly ever-constant Twitter engagement and substantial following (it’s important to...
  12. BZM3

    Why can't I see both Battery Percentage and Miles??!

    I feel like it shouldn't be a choice to display either the percentage battery remaining, or the miles range. Anyone else agree? I do like the simplicity of just using the % remaining option, but when I'm getting low I'd like to just take a quick glance at my range without having to open up the...
  13. Haxster

    I bought a 6 digit car...not a video game.

    It seems that every other recent update has to do with some enhancement to games or other entertainment distractions. I'd really like Tesla to prioritize updates to vehicle operability...better navigation, autopilot, internet browser, or user interface (how about a trunk release button on the...
  14. TMC Staff

    Soon You'll Be Able To Get Lucky In A Tesla

    Yet another silly Tesla Easter Egg update What if your car kept track of all your favorite places and then took you on a blind date? Well, that’s basically what the new Tesla Easter Egg over-the-air update will do. A Twitter user asked CEO Elon Musk to add an “I’m feeling lucky” destination...
  15. M

    Tire Pressure Warnings: WWTD?

    My wife’s new Jag ePace (oh, Model Y, why couldn’t you be ready?) gave us a low tire pressure alert. Not the first time ever, but she ignored it recently. Swears it was never a dramatic alert. $300 and a new tire later, for what should have been a $30 repair, I began to wonder how my M3...
  16. Fernand

    Why doesn't Mod3 user interface make reading alerts easier?

    My peripheral vision isn't as good as it was years ago. Maybe it was never great. I know I'm not alone in this. I wear my computer glasses down on my nose, and that works just fine. But much as I LOVE my Model 3 I find the alerts unfathomably poorly done, and I can't help questioning the UI's...
  17. fredsa

    Help improve Tesla interface - ideas, feature requests, bug reports

    Dear Tesla owners who love their cars (yes, I know that you!), You probably have a few ideas on what would make our car even better... If only Tesla did this or that in the next software update. Wouldn't that be great? To help all of us get organized, I've created a website to do just that...
  18. Haxster

    Cars keep crashing into me...

    Or at least that's what V9 shows when I'm stopped in a center lane at a red light. Rather annoying to see images of vehicles, well within their lanes, sliding sideways into mine. Perhaps Tesla should add some metal crunching sounds to enhance the effect...or not.
  19. Dmagyar

    Small steaming wheel icon, upper left side of interface

    While driving recently I’ve noticed a small steering wheel icon appear and disappear on the upper left side of the interface. Cars in drive and moving, not in auto pilot, anyone know why/what this indicates? And hands are on the wheel.
  20. A

    Did your owner's manual disappear?

    Today, I noticed that my Autopark feature did not seem to be working, so I thought, maybe I didn't do something right, so decided to look at the owner's manual. No dice on that....the whole thing is blank... seems to be a table of contents, but no text. The latest Release Notes page is also...
  21. M

    Service Observations

    A couple of quick thoughts as my Model 3 is in for service to replace a headlight, fix a bad actuator on the glovebox and check the alignment as it seems to be slightly pulling to the right. 1. I was given a Cadillac XTS as a loaner. Man I miss my Tesla. Apart from it feeling like I'm driving...
  22. S

    Feature request - recent audio sources list

    One of the most annoying parts of the model 3 audio system is the amount of steps it takes to switch from one audio source to another. It would be awesome if your default audio screen was a list of the past 5 (or more!) audio sources you've listened to, because one of those is likely what...
  23. tangerine

    Model 3 Flat UI in Model X?

    Does anyone know if the Model S/X will get the Model 3 version of the non-skeuomorphic UI? I sat in my friends Model 3 and like the general look of the UI in comparison to my MX skeuomorphic UI. What do you guys think and prefer?
  24. E

    Navigation Routing Behavior

    Over the weekend, I had to do a 1-day, long range round trip from Orange, CA to Henderson, NV. I've done the trip enough times (both in MS and other cars) to know how navigation is going to send me once getting into NV, which, for both inbound and outbound, avoids the strip entirely. For this...
  25. Matt3y


    Hey All, I just received an update to my TM3. 2018.18.1 090d8b9. I guess this has the dimming high beams and the new toggle switch for music. I haven't read the release notes yet, but if you have any questions let me know. I'll try to answer them tonight.
  26. chibi_kurochan

    Tesla iOS App v3.3.3

    New features on the latest app update: 1. Tesla’s Siri integration now works with Model 3 2. SHORTCUT to open the Frunk!!!
  27. J

    Video of the new Intel MCU, please.

    Greetings! Can you kind users who have received your new Teslas with the new MCU post a video showing a run-through of the system to see the new performance? All we've seen so far have been incomplete 1-minute videos. Thank you!
  28. M

    Odd Consumption "30 Mi Average" Behavior

    In this video, between the 40 and 42 second mark, the average WH/Mi increases even though the point being removed from the chart (left side) is lower than the point being added to the chart (right side). While this looks wrong from a basic math perspective, there could be a logical explanation...
  29. S

    Volume failing on bluetooth and media....

    Just had the MCU replaced and keep having some odd volume issues. First, bluetooth audio on phone calls keeps failing. They can hear me but I can't hear them. Turning the volume up all the way makes no difference. The only thing that fixes it is to reboot the MCU. Fixes it for a few minutes and...
  30. C

    FM Radio- Audio Weirdness

    Seeing a really odd glitch in the last few weeks around the time I got new firmware. After listening to an FM station for around 30-45 seconds, the audio tuning completely changes. Bass and treble settings seem completely different, but they do not actually change on the interface. If I play...
  31. T

    Android Wear Access

    Wanted to know if anyone's tried any of the Android Wear apps and if they work with Model 3. Even better, if any of the apps do work, can the watch be used without a phone nearby to access and drive. Specifically I'd like to know if I can wear the watch without my phnoe and have the car unlock...

    Weather-based Driver Profiles

  33. henderrj

    Hello Tesla - set my cruise follow distance to 4

    Listening to all the whining from reviewers about how you can't control as much with buttons in the model 3, it made me realize how simple it would be to do almost everything with voice. And again, why couldn't Tesla do that with any of their vehicles? Anything that can be set by computer can be...
  34. wayner

    Has OAuth token time to expiry changed to 45 days?

    I was surprised that one of my applications stopped working as my token had expired and I just noticed on TeslaFi that a new token will expire in 45 days. Has the token time to expiry been reduced from 90 days to 45 days? Or am I remembering things incorrectly?
  35. morrisdl

    Initial TACC Speed crazy fast

    Warning: New owner and admittedly have not read the manual question...I did search and cant find any threads on this: When engaging TACC for 1st time each day (pulling stalk towards the driver once), the max speed initially sets to 85 mph. This gets screechy when the legal limit is only 45 and...
  36. J

    Processing Speed of Touchscreen in Model X/S vs. Model 3

    This video is a great comparison of the processing speed of the touchscreen in Model X/S versus Model 3. When averaging the speed of different tasks on each model, the Model 3 average 4.44x faster than Model X/S. Given that Model X/S are considerably more expensive than the Model 3, the...
  37. Kevin Bohacz

    Touchscreen delays and responsiveness 2018.6.1

    I just upgraded to 2018.6.1 and have noticed a significant initial delay on the touch screen when accessing commands or settings. The delay is so long that it causes me to think that my touch did not register or that the touch screen is broken. The delay can be as long as a few seconds between...
  38. Kwang0429

    Dead Screen.

    Hi all: So I guess I am the very first person that had a dead screen, guess what ? an installer tried to find 12v switch power and accidently zap the brain of the touchscreen, good news is , car is still drivable, bad news are. you can't turn on the A/C, you can't open the frunk, you can't...
  39. MartyL

    It's raining it's pouring...

    How does the car know?
  40. MartyL

    How to find details of software update

    My 75D was updated last night and when reading the details of the upgrade I shut off the music and the window closed. Hoe can I see the whole thing again?
  41. A

    No radio stations at all

    this morning was trying to play some fm radio and when I enter that tab there is nothing other than a loading indicator. No fm or am radios just nothing. My connection was upgraded a couple of weeks back to LTE so maybe they forgot to connect the antenna back? I tried to reboot the mcu.
  42. FlyinLow

    What to expect during a software update

    I did some looking around and didn’t see an example of a software update progressing through its various stages. I apologize if this is out there and I just missed it. My observation might be helpful for those buying a used Model S or X and the general idea depicted here applies to Model 3 as...
  43. timk225

    Getting an S, need to add Sirius.

    I'm getting a 2013 Model S 85 soon, and according to the window sticker, its current radio is the "200 watt 7 speaker stereo with am/fm/hd radio, supports mp3, aac, and mp4 music formats". I don't know if that is the base radio or upgraded one. Anyway, I need to get a Sirius receiver and add...
  44. ishareit

    Software update 2018.6.1

    new update reported by teslafi.com. Hoping for a wider release with this one
  45. daniel

    Controlling set speed and following distance

    Is there a way on the Model 3 to change the cruise control set speed, or the TACC following distance, without using the touch screen? I find that to use the screen I have to momentarily take my attention away from the road. On my Prius, I can increase or decrease my c/c speed by pressing up or...
  46. daniel

    Car turns on Apple Pay. What's going on???

    I have an iPhone SE still running iOS 10. I have the Tesla app on the phone. The app works fine. The car unlocks and locks according to proximity as it should. I also have the phone connect to the car by bluetooth for music or phone calls. There's no problem with the app or the proximity...
  47. D

    Slacker - Logging in Issue

    All, Have you folks have been successful in logging into Slacker using the email/pass provided by Tesla? Keeps spinning for me and does not login. Tried on LTE and Wifi but no luck. TIA
  48. Markk993

    LTE Question

    my 2014 P85+ is still running the 3G connection. I understand that there is an option t upgrade to a LTE connection for about $500 i think... my screens don't load super super fast but it is not "slow" either... I live in the heart of Las Vegas so connections are always good So the question is...
  49. Beta V

    Homelink opens garage when I arrive, does not close when I leave

    i've reset it completely, rebooted and reset the location. I'm out of ideas. Tips?
  50. EV-lutioin

    User Interface Speed Comparison: Model 3 vs. Model X

    One of the first things we noticed in our Model 3 was the quick UI processing speed. Here is a video comparing the UI in the Model 3 to a Model X .