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Looking for delivery inspection checklist for Model Y to be picked up in Lynwood, WA

I just received delivery appointment for Wed, Aug 16, 2023 for a new Model Y LR AWD that I ordered on Aug 7,2023. I am in the process of having FSD transferred from our 2018 Model 3. I have never been to the Lynwood Service center, and am concerned that the appointment is only 15 minutes long. I am having a PPF and window tint guy meet me at the service center to check the exterior paint, as I am driving straight to his shop to have it installed after acceptance. I am reading that some service centers only let you look at the outside of the car before acceptance, and others let you take as long as like, with access to both inside and outside. If anyone has developed or found a good checklist of items to look for, it would be greatly appreciated. Also any info about how things are handled from anyone who has accepted a new vehicle from Lynwood, WA service center would be appreciated. I would like to pay via ACH after inspection, but read that depends on the state as well.