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looking for rim saver/protector for model Y 20" Induction Wheels

I have tried, Rimsavers those are the vinyl ones that use 3m tape. I liked the color options, preferred the red, made my Tesla look like old school hot wheels car. The issue is the adhesive starts to fail in 9 months if you wash weekly. The other issue is that if you do rub a curb, they will work and protect your rims, however you should cut the section out or remove the protector right away as the adhesive will have been messed up and they will start to detach at highway speeds. When they detach they will bang against the car, not an issue if you have PPF. I have also used the Alloygator. Those did not fit my combination of 21” Uberturbine and P-Zero. I tried to use them and mount them as tight and deep as possible but the popped out at 35 mph and being heavier plastic caused many dings that I just had repaired. I am trying Magbak rim case next, found here MagBak RimCase for Tesla Model 3 & Y (4 Pack) . Those are only available in black color. They should arrive next week. I have also ordered a set of aluminum protectors in red from PrioRim Rim Protectors . I will try both and report back on both and maybe post pictures if the forum allows.
I have Talsem wheel protectors which needs a bead breaker to install. I used to have Rimsavers but “someone” still managed to curb the rim because with enough force, it will rip it off the wheel because it’s basically double side taped on.

With the Talsem, curbing it shifts the position but protected the wheel. I have yet to remove the wheel and try to reset the position under the bead breaker.


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After re-powder coating my 21' MYP Uberturbines several times and spending hours applying and removing protective trim, the BEST solution I've found is to go with wider rubber. I took the 275s from the back and put them on the 9" front rims and bought two new 295 Pirelli PZ4s for the back 10" rims. The wider rubber protects the rims from curb rash great.