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MCU2 Streaming Video Support

Hi all,

As most are aware, with v10, Tesla enabled video streaming support in the MCU2 Chrome browser while the car is in park primarily for their theater mode. The theater mode includes Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu which are essentially running in a full-screen browser mode.

I've been testing other streaming services using the standard browser and wanted to report on a few.

1. YouTube
If you open the browser while in park and type in www.youtube.com, it launches the full-screen experience. However, if you enter m.youtube.com it still loads YouTube but does not go to full screen. This allows you to watch YouTube in the browser window while seeing other things on screen.

Wisely, the video playback will pause/freeze if the car is not in park which makes sense from a safety standpoint but man it would be cool to be able to let my kids watch videos while I'm driving. I completely get the reasoning behind it though.

2. Fubo.TV
As a cord-cutter, Fubo is the OTT television service I use at home. Happy to report it works perfectly in the Tesla browser and I can watch live/DVR'd TV while sitting in the car.

3. Sling
I don't use Sling but I did give some of their free content a try and it worked fine.

I am sure other services (I saw Plex mentioned here) will also work fine as long as they are using modern video playback technology.