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Michelin Pilot Sport 4S for 22"

I saw that Michelin has the Pilot Sport 4S tires available for the 22" wheels now. Has anyone tried these? Any thoughts?


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I hope you can claim the warranty. We got 18K miles out of the DWS06

I got mine from discount tire.. the price for all 4 installed with road hazard warranty was just a shade over 1K.. They said warranty for the front is 50K miles and the back is 25K miles..

he said warranty will not apply to the tires that came on the car from the manufacturer, but only if we get them retail..

In your experience, is that not true ?
It’s time at 17k miles where my OEM Pirelli’s are nearing the end of their life. I was originally thinking of getting another set of Pirelli’s but now this seems enticing. The Pirelli’s have foam inside. Do these Michelin 4S have foam in them? How do they compare in terms or road noise and longetivity? That’s really what I care about most!
I have the PS4S on my BRZ. Didn't know they were available in this size. I'll almost certainly put these on my 22's come spring. I am on 20's with Pirelli scorpion winter tires currently but looking at these for next season. Thanks for sharing!
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That is awesome. Would you say the noise and ride quality is slightly or noticeably better than Pirellis?
It's EXTREMELY better. I barely hear the road, and barely feel any bumps at all. Literally if the Pirelli's made 6/10 road noise (10 being loudest), the Michelin PS4S are like a 2/10 or maybe even a 1/10.

Comfort, they're about 2x as smooth. There are brick roads and potholes I have to drive over every day and I rarely feel them anymore. Seriously, these are the best tires for this car (as long as you don't live somewhere where it snows more than 2-3 days a year).
I'd dare to say that the Michelin PS4S tires alone made my pre-Raven Model X drive almost the same as a Raven with Pirelli's.
Dare Not!!!, I think you are right. I just got these installed earlier this week and my range on the Raven has improved noticeably. Only drove ~100 miles so far, so still early to say. But have long trip next week; Chicago to DC. So will see how well the current numbers hold up. So far I love everything about them.