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Model 3 Challenge 2023 Concluding Event – Laguna Seca!

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Here at Model 3 Challenge HQ we are gearing up for our 2023 pinnacle event at Laguna Seca is one week!

Laguna is shaping up to be our highest attendance event yet, and we are expecting some very tight competition at the front of the field! With onsite Tesla Supercharging, this will also be the most simple event for competitors, giving them convenience similar to that of our fellow ICE competitors.

Model 3 Challenge GRIDLIFE Laguna Schedule:​

Practice – 8:00AM
Qualifying – 12:40PM
Race #1 – 5:05PM

Race #2 – 8:05AM
Race #3 – 2:25PM
Race #4 – 5:20PM

GRIDLIFE Livestreams!​

Click on the image below to follow all of the action starting at 1:30PM PT on Friday and 8:15AM on Saturday!

Current Model 3 Challenge Standings​

Check out the updated 2023 series standings! Who are you rooting for?


GRIDLIFE Showcase Meet​

Get in on the action! Here’s your chance to show off your ride, rep your Tesla, and come hang out and chat with your Model 3 Challenge competitors! Purchase a Showcase Meet ticket for VIP parking in the paddock and get up close and personal with all of the fun! We’ll be talking cars, EV’s, and racing – all while having great spectator access to the event!

Model 3 Challenge Laguna Seca Track Map​

Want to get a better understanding of how the Model 3 Challenge format works? Check out the attached map to see detection zones, passing zones, and flagging stations. Don’t forget to download the Guidebook for full format rules.


I hope to see many of you there! Come hang out with us, cheer on competitors, and talk about all things Tesla! Even if you're not into motorsports, GRIDLIFE Festival events are an incredible celebration of cars and enthusiasts, with tons to see and do! We hope to have some strong EV representation at this event, so don't hesitate to bring along your ride! GA Tickets can be purchased here!
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Thanks Chris!

We're super pumped about this event. In addition to the Model 3 Challenge, we also have the MPP.R Model S Plaid, and our hybrid KERS Kels coming out in an attempt to set respective track records.

If you are on the west coast I couldn't encourage you enough to come check out this event. These Gridlife festivals feel like what it must have been like in the CanAm days in the 60s and 70s. A great atmosphere, wild privately built cars going as fast as they can, music festivals, beautiful show cars on display, and thousands of spectators.

As Chris said we're organizing a Tesla section at the event for those who want to put their car on display and come hang out. We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

Our epic Laguna Seca event begins tomorrow! Stay tuned on our socials, and don't forget to watch LIVE on Gridlife's YouTube stream!

This series was created to help show the racing community that EV's are viable and competitive in a road course environment. If you're in California, come out and join us as a spectator for a weekend of car culture, community, and EV promotion! Bring your ride and rep Tesla too!
Laguna Seca was better than I could have ever imagined. What an incredible venue, with incredible cars, incredible drivers, and tons of GRIDLIFE Festival fun (including T-Pain)!

We kicked it off with our Qualifying session, which saw only 0.043 seconds between Tony Barber in P1 and Drew Peterson in P2. Steven Case, our Willow Springs winner, was knocking right on their door only 7/10ths of a second behind.

In the first race, we unfortunately saw Tony leave early with a mechanical problem. This left Drew and Steven to battle it out for the P1 spot, with Steven finishing only 1.5 seconds behind Drew when it was all said and done. Jesse managed to move up two positions in this race, finishing 3rd overall.

In the second race, we saw Drew run away from the field. Rudolph pulled off an impressive P2 finish in this one, with Jesse snagging another 3rd place finish.

In the third race, it was the Drew and Steven show yet again! Drew finished only 1 second in front of Steven, and had a slightly faster lap only 1/10th of a second ahead of Steven. Rudolph continued his streak of strong finishes, snagging third in this one.

The final race turned out to be the most dramatic. Despite Drew having locked down the Laguna event, there were still overall season points up for grabs, and it all came down to this last race. Both Steven and Drew turned it up a notch, setting fast laps of the day within 6/10ths of one another. When it was all said and done, Steven was only .430 seconds behind Drew across the finish line. In fact, it took manual review to confirm the on-track results. Steven came within 2ft, and 3ft, respectively, of the detection zones needed for a pass on the last lap. Literal milliseconds separated these two in the final race, and it simply could not have been any closer. Tony managed an impressive comeback, notching a third place finish!

A big congratulations to not just our top three finishers, but to all of the competitors, for not only coming out and driving their Model 3's to the limit, but also for showing tens of thousands of spectators onsite and Live that electric vehicles can be fast, fun, and competitive on a racetrack!

It's hard to believe that the season is already over, but for those of you on the fence, I encourage you to reach out to us so you can join the action in the future. Replay all of the action on Gridlife's Livestream. Qualifying | Race #1 | Race #2 | Race #3 | Race #4

PXL_20231020_215956544 (1).jpg



I made the drive out on Friday prompted by this initial post and had a great time, Laguna Seca is an awesome track.

Every single driver I met was extremely gracious with their time and the MPP suite was a nice respite from the noise and sun!

Watching Model 3's fly down the corkscrew is a sight to behold, can't imagine how it feels for the drivers.
What are some lap times and how do they compare with a BMW 3 series that’s still street legal? Or some other mildly prepped ICE car.

The best a competitor put down on our limited-power format series was Drew Peterson with a 1:41.087.

Tony Barber pulled off a 1:36.623 at full power.

The F8X M3/M4 is a good comparison, IMO, and the best I can find on 200TW tires is a 1:38.2.
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