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Model 3 Challenge @ Willow Springs Intl Raceway!

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With less than a week to go before the inaugural Model 3 Challenge event at Lime Rock Park, we're going to take a slight detour to the other side of the country and start the countdown to the second event of the season with Gridlife at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA! We're just under seven weeks out, so it's time to start preparations now!

What is the Model 3 Challenge?
An accessible driving series for those looking to compete in a road-course environment with Model 3's. Competing with similar cars means it’s all down to the driver and car setup. EVs are reliable, fun to drive, cheap to run, and incredibly evenly matched. The perfect base for some classic touring car fun! A unique format allows for a close battling experience without the risk of wheel-to-wheel racing, and a lower barrier to entry as road-going cars can be used. The perfect combination of daily driver and track car!

What modifications does the car need?
Great question - not much! You'll need an MPP Cooling Party Controller to limit the power and extend the runtime of your Model 3. You'll also need some basic safety items, such as an External HVIL Disconnect and Rear Tow Strap. Finally, you'll need some racing brake pads, and racing brake fluid. You can also purchase this in a convenient package!

What experience do I need?
A minimum of eight documented HPDE events is required. Time Attack experience is preferred, but not necessary.

What can I expect at the event?
The Model 3 Challenge format gives racers the excitement and feel of wheel to wheel racing without the risk. You'll have the experience of an out-lap with a pit car and a rolling start across the finish line. Passes can only occur in pre-determined zones with a point-by. Side-by-side racing is not allowed, nor is diving into braking zones, blocking, or other dangerous driving. Races will last roughly 12 to 15 minutes, and the first one to the checkered flag is the winner. Points accumulate across the races during an event, and winners will be receiving some awesome trophies!

What is Gridlife?
Gridlife is a grassroots motorsport and lifestyle brand that coordinates Track events and Motorsports Festivals across North America. If you've never been to a Gridlife event, it is one of the most exciting and unique Motorsports events you'll find! There's thousands of spectators, Time Attack, Wheel-to-Wheel Touring Cup Racing, Drifting, and much more! It's the perfect host to show the motorsports community how fun and exciting EV's can be!

What is the entry fee?
Tickets for this two-day event are $425 each and can be purchased directly from Gridlife's website.

Is Track Insurance available?
Yes - track insurance can be purchased through our preferred provider, Lockton Motorsports.

This is an incredible opportunity to share the track with your fellow Tesla owners, and show of your skills as a driver! You don't need a heavily-modified, caged, or track-only vehicle to compete, and running costs on the Model 3 are considerably lower than a comparable ICE vehicle. So show the racing community what you've got, and come on out to this incredible event!


CRSA7361 (1).jpg
In our efforts of making an accessible EV racing series, we're excited to introduce the MPP CPC Rental Program - Try Before You Buy! If you would prefer to rent an MPP CPC before fully committing to it, you can take part in the Model 3 Challenge's Rental Program!

We are now offering MPP CPC Rentals for the remaining events on the schedule - Willow Springs in September, and Laguna Seca in October!

Rentals ARE limited - so if you're interested I would recommend reserving one soon. The CPC will be installed at the beginning of the event, and removed at the end of the event.

Note: You MUST have DTM Connectors Pre-Installed at the X098 Connector on your vehicle PRIOR to an event. These can be installed by either AutoRND in Fremont or Part3xpress in LA. Please contact them for pricing. Installation is simple, and will not affect vehicle functionality without the CPC installed. DTM Connectors can always be removed in the future if desired.

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We are now offering MPP CPC Rentals for the remaining events on the schedule - Willow Springs in September, and Laguna Seca in October!
This is fantastic news as it open up possibilities for more entries.

I was able to try out the CPC spec power functionality last weekend at Streets of Willow and it was a blast! I ran consistent laps in the minute-26 range for a full 20-minute session and the car felt great all the way through. In fact, lap 7 was one of my best times. I can't wait to get out there with a pack of Model 3s. If you are at all thinking about participating in the Model 3 Challenge, now's the time to commit.

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A quick recap from Lime Rock Park!

After over a year in the making, it was incredible to see it all come together and watch a mix of competitors battle it out on the racetrack. Overall, the first Model 3 Challenge was a great success – bringing exciting competition to drivers and spectators alike!

  • Only TWO points separated our 1st and 2nd place finishers!
  • Only SIX points separated our 3rd and 4th place finishers!
  • The fastest competitor of the weekend was within 17 hundredths of a second to the next competitor!
  • Competitors had nearly 120 minutes of track-time all to themsleves!
  • AWD variants were able to run 15+ minute races without current limiting!
  • Our final race featured several lead changes and over a dozen passes!

Now Offering MPP CPC Rentals!​

Try Before You Buy! If you would prefer to rent an MPP CPC before fully committing to it, you can now take part in the Model 3 Challenge’s Rental Program! We are excited to offer a more accessible option to competitors. Rentals are limited – so reserve your rental today!

Next Up – Willow Springs!​

We are quickly approaching our second round of the Model 3 Challenge in Rosamond, California, at Willow Springs International. It promises to be yet another exciting event in the 2023 Model 3 Challenge Season!

Although we are less than four weeks away, there is still plenty of time to get your vehicle prepared for the event. Remember, all you need to compete are racing brake pads, racing brake fluid, an MPP CPC, and an HVIL disconnect.

Tickets can be purchased directly from Gridlife here – we look forward to seeing you there!


Media From Lime Rock Park​

Enjoy some of the media captured from the event!

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We have several drivers returning from Lime Rock Park to attend our two California events!

First, we have our P3 finisher, Rudolph! Rudy has been prepping for this event on the sim for weeks, so all competitors will have to take note - he's coming for another podium!


Next, we have David joining us again with his beautifully crafted Model 3! David has been hard at work attending Skip Barber schools, and looks ready to hit the track and lay down some fast laps!


With less than two weeks to go until Willow Springs, there's still time to secure your ticket to the event - whether as a contender, or as a spectator! Visit the official Gridlife website to purchase!
We've wrapped up with yet another awesome event at Willow Springs!

This event featured the tightest racing yet, with five competitors all finishing within 13 seconds of each other in one race, and an incredibly strong midfield of three all finishing within 2 seconds of each other in another race! It was a blast to watch, and to participate in!

Steven Case took an early lead, qualifying first by 3/10ths of a second over Drew Peterson. David Schlessman also qualified strong in 3rd place, only 7/10ths of a second off pace. The rest of the field wasn't far behind, with the top six competitors all qualifying within 2 seconds of each other.

Race #1 saw Steven capitalize on his rapid pace, moving up from fifth to first place in 9 laps and finishing P1. Drew wasn't far behind finishing second only 1.5 seconds behind! Jesse Tong took 3rd, with a fast-lap only a half-second off Steven.

With rewards weight added, we entered Race #2. It was another tight race that saw David get out to an early lead and hold it long enough to take P1! Steven and Jesse weren't far behind, finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Next, we entered Race #3. Steven had established a lead, but anything can happen and there were still plenty of points to be had. Despite carrying over 100lbs of rewards weight, Steven continued to show off his skill and worked his way from 4th to 1st and another P1 finish! Though, with Jesse and Drew putting laps in only a half-second off, he knew the final race wouldn't be so easy.

Finally, we entered the 4th and last race of the weekend. Drew turned it up a notch, not only driving to a solid P1 finish, but also putting down the fastest lap of the weekend by a half-second! Steven continued his dominant run, finishing 2nd, with Jesse not far behind in 3rd!

When it was all said and done, your final standings looked like this:

1Steven Case
2Drew Peterson
3David Schlesman
4Morgan Higham
5Jesse Tong
6Rudolph Xu
7Chad Martin
8Issac Arciaga

A big congratulations to all of our competitors! We can't wait for Laguna Seca in a few weeks, where we expect an even larger field, and stiffer competition!