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Model 3 Front Bumper Sensor Dented

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Hey everyone,

Must have got hit by a hard rock perfectly in the center of one of my front bumper sensors. Made a indentation through my ppf and now my lane departure avoidance limited warning is flashing. In the parts catalog, it shows the part as 1127503-11C. I see some brand new ones on Ebay with a part number of 1127503-11A. Wanted to ask if you think this would be compatible or am I better off ordering directly through Tesla and getting it painted elsewhere? Thanks in advance for your help.
How much will you save?
Did you actually quote a repair from Tesla?
I've had repairs done for cheaper than I could do them myself and I didn't have to get dirty.

Side note: this seemingly small part is part of your Autopilot as well as your Automatic Emergency Braking system, among other things. The part online may or may not be identical, legit or counterfeit. If you're lucky, maybe a Tesla employee is selling it, and it isn't stolen.

If you needed cardiac or neurological medicine, would you buy it online if you could save a bunch of cash?

Don't answer. Just contemplate.

Finally, I suggest you cut the ppf from around the sensor and see if that clears the error. Do you want to protect the sensors that are designed to protect you or do you want them to work as they were actually designed?
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