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Model 3 idle battery drain only when battery <10%

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I notice unexceptional battery drain only when battery is less than 10% and car is on standby/idle (I went from 8%-5% in 1 hour). This is when I would need the car to lose the least amount of battery while idle. When battery is above 10% battery drain is very minimal while on standby and within spec. Sentry mode and cabin overheat protection are both turned off.
Anyone else experience this?
I doubt many EV owners park their vehicles, without being plugged in, at SOC less than 10%. Curious what your scenario is that puts you in that situation and allows you to see battery drain at such a low SOC.

In any case, I believe Sentry mode and Cabin Overheat Protection are both automatically turned off when the SOC hits 20%.

My guess is that any "drain" you're seeing is related to temperature, as the pack cools.
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