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Model 3 underneath car damage

Has anyone had or noticed any damage to the underneath of their Tesla soon after pickup or could they check theirs? I put my Model 3 on a ramp Sunday night (only picked up last Thursday, ~250miles) and noticed this damage to three separate parts of the car, all near the wheels (behind the two front wheel and rear left side).

I've heard before people have had damage from transportation and wondered if anyone has seen anything similiar. It couldn't have been from my driving as I've been really careful and haven't touched anything, I would have noticed if I was driving and had caused this damage.

I've emailed Tesla Service but haven't heard anything back and will be taking it to them tomorrow.


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It's all fixable, but that's a bit insane. Clearly been driven over something and deliberately forgotten by someone, you would feel that impact. I did check under my car, primarily for jack point damage and dint see anything like this.
Do the Model 3s have transport blocks to hold the suspension in place during transit? Seeing several examples of similar damage makes in look like they're being driven too quickly onto the ships/transporters and bottoming out.