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Model S - Battery Issue

Hi all, hoping someone can help desperately.

My dad purchased a 2015 Model S, it started showing error messages and eventually we took it to Tesla who said it was the charging loom that has corroded (without a full diagnostic) and Tesla even admitted they shouldn't have replaced and charged for this as a full diagnostic wasn’t performed due to a new tech working on the car and no senior tech were supervising at the time.

We paid £1,100 to replace it and fix the car, which it did for 2 days and then one morning my dad went to drive to work and the car was completely dead, asked Tesla to come and fix it and because it’s out of warranty they said we have to sort out own transport to get it to them (which I was furious about as the car drove before hand, albeit slower) we did buy a new 12v battery and it drains it almost instantly.

We eventually paid to have the car taken there and Tesla started to run a diagnostics on the car where they said they THINK, the battery may be damaged, and there is a risk of shock and they ended the diagnostic and said we won’t perform a diagnostic on the car now, we want £15,000 for a new battery before we can perform the diagnostic. as you can imagine my dad lost his mind because they only think the battery is damaged but haven’t confirmed it is, and now they won’t run a diagnostics to find out what the actual problem could be.

Car is low mileage and battery health was around 95%.

Any ideas?

Sounds like another storey of Tesla trying to rip off a customer.
Talk to Cleevely Mobile. I'd bet they can do a proper diagnostic.

If Tesla can't do a safe diagnostic with it in the car the most that should be paid is the cost to drop the battery out of the car and have it checked over properly. Sounds like the Tesla just aren't up to that kind of work and would just blindly replace the whole pack as it's too tricky for them to work out if a module has failed or there is something else wrong.

Demanding the full cost of a new battery without knowing for certain what is wrong on the old one is unacceptable.