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Model S battery replacement

I have a Tesla model s, base model, 2013 with 67k miles on It. The car started acting weird, I took it to Tesla for service to check the car. At first, they said that they ran some diagnostic test one the car and it appears that the 12V battery needs to be changed, I said okay as long as the car gets fixed. Then I got a call from them the next day saying they want an additional $700 to run another diagnostics test on the car to see if there is another problem. I said I already paid for diagnostics and the battery I’m not gonna pay for another diagnostic test because the test they ran should’ve showed if there is another problem with the car. The person who called was very rude and told me that they will take the battery out and have the car ready for pickup if I don’t pay the additional fee. I said okay I’ll pick up the car and the battery that I paid for and go somewhere else to replace it. After I got there the car was not starting it was completely shutdown, even the screen was locked. I tried to jumpstart it and it didn’t work, I went back inside and asked them what happened to the car because I drove it there and it was working when I dropped it off and they said that it’s not their problem. Then I talked to their manager and he told me that I need to change my high voltage battery bc the issue seems to be more than the 12v battery. He said I need to pay 20k for the new battery and they can’t guarantee if the car will work again! I don’t know what to do with the car. I don’t want to pay $20k for the car because i can get a new 2013 model s for 20k now. Please help me! I don’t know if I should sell the car with no battery or if I can fix the battery somewhere else with a more reasonable price
The car started acting weird

There is not a lot of info to go on here. Define "acting weird". Were there any errors present on screen? What did you write in your service request to Tesla when you dropped it off?

Are you sure the 12V battery is connected? Very unlikely for a non-flood damaged car to be completed dead to the point that jumping it won't minimally turn the internal displays on.

It sounds like the SC the car is currently at has no idea what is actually wrong with the car. Better to contact @wk057.