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Model S power reduced

Hello all,
i'm having a trouble with my Tesla Model S P85D 2015, all was good but lately it starts to show lots of errors:

These may disappear after system reboot and not appear for some time (moment when they appear may vary: driving (most common situation), during car start)
could anybody advise what it means or has similar issue and could help with an idea how to fix it?

Thanks in advance
I think the most obvious culprit may be your front drive unit? There could possibly be something wrong with it so the car is shutting down all ancillary stuff that may relate to or affect the front drive unit.

It won't let you charge, it put the car in limp mode, and turned off regen. Sounds like it's trying to save the front drive unit from further damage.

When my HV battery heater went out, the car went into limp mode as the car wasn't able to heat up the HV battery properly so it protected itself by not allowing me to use more than 100kwh of power nor regen.