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Model S pulling to the left post collision

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I was in an accident with my Model S a couple months ago. An SUV cut across my lane while trying to pull a u-turn (wonderful Atlanta drivers) and I couldn't stop in time to avoid a collision. No airbags were deployed but still caused about $15k of damage to my car. I've had the car repaired by a Tesla Collision Center.

Unfortunately, the car no longer drives straight. If I let go of the steering wheel, my car will veer to the left within a few car lengths and start to cut across the lane. I have already had the following checked
  • Tesla checked whether frame or subframe were bent....no issues
  • Tesla aligned the car (toe, camber, caster)...all within spec
  • I had the alignment checked by an independent shop...all within spec
  • I just put brand new tires on the car
Tesla have given up on the car and don't know what to do. They say the issue is not bad ("it's only pulling slightly"), but I frankly think that is unacceptable. I am in the middle of a diminished value negotiation with the insurance company (other party's insurance since they were at fault), and I am trying to establish what is causing this issue. I reached out to an independent Tesla specialist in Atlanta (TesTechs) but they will not work on a car that has been in a collision.

Has anyone come across such an issue on their car? Or any other advice as to how to diagnose the issue with my car?
which way does it pull? n have u tried all lanes on the freeway/roads, cause they make surface convex for water runoff
slight pulling to the right is normal, its made like that for safety
post ur alignment results
new tires could be bad too, try swapping front/back if not staggered
slight pulling to the right is normal, its made like that for safety

Uh, wrong. Please stop.

I'm sorry that you have to go through this. I'd honestly dump my Model S if it ever gets in an accident beyond a bumper scuff.

You may want to find a really OCD race alignment shop that'll also look at your subframes to make sure everything is truly straight and aligned to spec. Not sure how they adjusted camber? I wouldn't trust Tesla Service Center techs with an anvil buff job.

Day's end, you may just have to live with it because you're pretty much chasing after a ghost. Gl!
how so?
i've been told by alignment shops
the idea is for the car to go right if u fall asleep n such, not left into traffic n cause more harm..
makes sense to me...
key word is 'slight'...

You need new alignment shop friends. It's the most bogus urban myth I've ever heard. Your car should drive arrow straight at all speeds whether asleep or wide awake (latter preferred).