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Model X iPad holder.

I'm just wondering if a kid watches a full movie through streaming, will that rack up the cellular bill? I remember around 2006, there was a flip phone that was able to watch TV shows live, and thought that was so cool. And now it seemed that idea just turned into streaming rather than watching TV shows traditionally.

Most the time, places like trains / airplanes / hotels usually have WiFi if an adult isn't driving.

I find it hard to enjoy movies while in a car, I rather just look outside even if I was passenger.
Which cell bill? The Tesla can’t be used as a hotspot. Streaming through rear screen (or front) is unlimited with Premium Connectivity, which is $9.99/mo after first year.

As for your own cell bill, obviously depends on your plan.
Searching everywhere for a wet to mount an iPad to the front seat for my son in the back. Can’t find anything and I’m a little surprised. Maybe I should simply invent it?
Have you looked at a mount from ProClip? They sell all kinds of mounts, including for iPads. These would require you to get a little creative with mounting them. If you’re looking for something permanent, you could mount directly onto the seat back. The screws they use are fairly small, so they wouldn’t leave humongous holes in the seat back. But that’s something you’d have to grapple with. It’s possible 2-sided 3M tape would work.
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