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Need help with bms_w150 / bms_f150 bms_f073

Hey everyone. I see many many knowledgeable members in this forum and was hoping anyone would willing to help me with these error codes. So I have 14 MS p85+. Got it from clean title auction few months back and it was completely dead. Jumped 12v, put it on wall charger and it started right up. First error that came up was 029 and it kept charge levels at 36% but it still drove all over beautifully . After driving for few weeks until I got tools I’ll need to drop the battery, I got an error for bad 12v while driving. Jumped it next day after 12v went dead and was going to head to Tesla to buy new AGM but got greeted with these errors. Contactors won’t close, description about pre charge voltage not rising fast enough and unexpected hv behavior has me feeling it’s contactors from what I’ve read but I’d like to know if anyone had any more direct advice before I drop this battery and check contactors. Thanks for any help
so attempting to try and diagnose on my own with info that I have.
So far I’ve made some dummy plugs to bypass the dcdc components, codes still come on each time .


Next I went to
HVJB under rear seat and decided to disconnect all power sources to see if I can figure out which cable/load is causing the bms_w150 / w073 code, Disconnected all other cables then the main battery cable,Reset car, codes still there. Removed main battery cable and installed all other cables and w150 disappeared and only 073 was present but contactor sounds got faint.

Next i did iso test on each cable coming out of hvjb and all readings seemed good.
Frustrated for the day I put it back together.
Next step is dropping hv battery and inspecting .


If anyone with any experience with this code or who can tell me if any tests I’m doing are being done wrong, I’d appreciate the knowledge .
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