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Need some basic wheel questions answered.

Hi, all. First post here. I haven't even ordered my Model S, but will probably take care of that minor detail in the next few days. I've spent way too much time recently looking at Model S wheel porn. This will certainly be my first upgrade, hopefully followed shortly thereafter by a chrome delete.

I have a rookie wheel question: what exactly is one paying for when choosing some of these wheels that run $1k plus each versus $400-500. The MS isn't a stretch for me, per se, but it's certainly at the upper end of the spectrum and I'd rather not throw a ton of extra cash at it. Would it be a mistake to choose some of the "budget" wheel options I've seen? I'll be getting the black MS (85D) and putting matte black wheels on it.

I've seen several recommendations for Jason on the forum here. Does he have less expensive options? If not, any recommendations?

I'm also trying to decide on size. I prefer the look of 20" over 19" or 21". I live in Denver, and would prefer not to have two sets of wheels. Will I be okay with 20's in the winter?

Thanks for any advice.