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Need to manually clear the Cam USB stick?

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I have the same question, it seems to keep going regardless of the warning and I've read in some other posts that sentry will delete older footage to make room as it goes.. But constantly having that alert is kind of annoying / makes it seem like sentry isn't replacing old footage and may silently stop working at any time..
Question - why are you accumulating so much sentry footage anyway? What is the point to have sentry capturing video if you are not going to watch and erase the irrelevant stuff? All those recordings cannot have meaning and you need to keep them all, can they? Just make it a daily or weekly routine to watch any new videos and delete the footage that is not needed. Aren't you curious what got recorded? Not sure why this is a problem. Or go nuts and put in something like a 2 TB SSD and wait a while for that to fill up.
I use the USB stick that came with the car, which is sufficient, I don't need any more space than that.

I usually look over the clips saved while the car was in a parking lot while I was in a store or something. When it is snowing or raining it can easily produce 50 video clips sitting in my driveway overnight. Last weekend in my parent's garage it generated over 200 clips, no idea why. But even at 50 clips, I don't have time so sit there and sift through hundreds of videos and delete useless ones individually
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