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Neuralink Says it’s Nearly Ready to Install Computers in Human Brains

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Elon Musk offered a demo this week of the brain computer built by his company Neuralink.

In a livestream demo, Musk explained that the goal of Neuralink is to connect the brain to a computing device through flexible threads that are 10-times thinner than a human hair.

Neuralink believes that neurological problems can be treated by sending signals through the device, treating memory loss, anxiety, brain damage, and depression, among other conditions. There were also mind-control capabilities teased, such as summoning a Tesla, controlling a video game, or even a SpaceX spaceship.

The device could also “save and replay memories,” Musk said. To get even more sci-fi, Musk said “you could potentially download [memories] into a robot body.”

The “Link” can be installed without general anesthesia and Musk hopes that the surgery will eventually be conducted by a robot in about an hour. The device will be about the size of a large coin. 

As part of the demonstration, Musk showed off three pigs – one with a Link installed, another with a Link removed, and a third with no treatment. The cyborg pig was named Gertrude and had the implant about two months ago. The audience was shown real-time neural signals from Gertrude’s brain.

Musk said the company has received a Breakthrough Device designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and plans to conduct the first human implantation soon.

While the demonstration showed that the company is actively advancing the technology, Musk said the real purpose of the event was recruiting. 

“We’re not trying to raise money or do anything else, but the the main purpose is to convince great people to come work at Neuralink, and help us bring the product to fruition — make it affordable and reliable and and such that anyone who wants one can have one,” Musk said.

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There are a couple of hearing Apps, but they're worse than nothing because they tend to do high pitched feedback through the external speakers, and even when that doesn't happen, they don't work all that well.

Yes, those are crap. Like the $19 hearing devices on as Seen On TV.

Getting off topic. Would rather have mics in my ear canal wired into my brain with a phone app. Musk is quite a while off there.

This is one of the best in your ear solutions with a half way decent iphone app. I think they start at around $3k. But even though I can afford it my hearing isn't "that" bad. If they made something less delicate that just looked like AirPod's or something I might actually cough up the $3K.


There are some other companies that do make something like I described above but their from more traditional headphone companies vs Eargo who is more of a traditional hearing aid style company. Problem with these other companies is hardware is less robust and the app isn't nearly as advanced.
Did Elon say that Neuralink “invented” these things (Ie bluetooth, inductive charging, etc)?

I didn’t hear him say that. In fact, I think someone even said that they are using components that exist today in other devices. (Might have been Elon.). The presentation even showed that other companies have done similar things but just on a smaller scale. (Ie fewer channels). Also the hopefully ease of installation and relatively low price one day is encouraging.

Steve Jobs didn’t “invent” the phone either. Didn’t invent touch screen technology. Didn’t invent WiFi. Didn’t invent Bluetooth. Didn’t invent internet access via a portable device. But he packaged it in a way that was better than others had done before. That’s what I see with Neuralink.

A line that I like that I think applies to this is “big things have small beginnings”. You can probably guess the movie.

I didn't say "Invent" either, I said infer which is what Elon likes to do with buzzword statements like "autopilot" "singularity" and "Brain Control". Like Steve Jobs, he is the master showman ( doesn't speak near as eloquently tho) and as you pointed out utilizes existing technology in new ways, also like Steve he screws over his co founders and can be a complete ass to people in his sphere. Maybe these are all parts of being a CEO in the tech world...or not
And of course “big things have small beginnings” big things never start big or they are not even stories...
Hopefully Elon won't follow Steves path and disown one child an orphan all with idiotic schemes to cure a deadly cancer that was discovered early enough to be cureable
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