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New '23 YLR Owner experiences

Good morning :) brand new Shanghai build '23 YLR Owner. Thought I'd share my first 2 days experiences, including first major trip.

In Aus the Fed Govt removed a tax which meant that if you took out what's called a novated lease where your car payments + insurance/rego/tyres/servicing etc are taken out of your wage -it reduces the cost of an EV substantially. So, we have always wanted a Y & took the plunge!

Ordered pearl white LR with 19' on 28/7, told late Sept arrival.
Picked up 11/8! Only 2 weeks later!

The order process was quite disjointed, with texts from Tesla often coming in the wrong order eg "your vin has been assigned" & then on the following day "we've assigned a car, your vin will be assigned soon". However, the Tesla customer service response time to text messages etc was pretty fast!

This lightning fast arrival caught us on the hop a little as we hadn't got the wall charger or anything. Scrambled to order:
- mud flaps
- mats
- usb hub
- wheel covers
- console storage organisers
- J1772 adapter (used already & was excellent so easy to do)

Wall charger in process but slow due to building issues. But I have plenty of type 2 chargers nearby to keep topped up (can't get a type 1 for home either as no power to the garage and Strata approval process really slow).

All ordered gear incredibly arrived within 3-4 days (even stuff from the US!).

Picked up late Friday 11/8. Really smooth handover, no gap issues, followed the handover check list that I got from a YouTuber - cust serv guy was quite shocked but really supportive in the process.

Pleased to say - zero build issues whatsoever. No gaps, no scratches, everything clean & 86% charge on the battery. Downloaded the Tessie app based on reviews I read so I could get more stats etc.

First big trip yesterday - 340km round trip, 4 hours of driving. LOVED IT. Used the superchargers - peak output on one in a rural location 120kW which I thought was pretty damn good for the location. The other in Metro Sydney was 174kW (screen grabs of the trip stats attached).

Initial thoughts :
  • the handling was firm but I liked it like that
  • the dual motors sure put out some amazing grunt + torque even in chill mode
  • cameras are great - but the outside ones look like they have a 'sepia' type filter? By that I mean the images have a yellowish tinge. Is that usual?
  • adaptive cruise control is so good! But one big negative is the slow response time to accelerate after slowing / stopping. Often leaves a huge gap. I have it set on 2 but it looks like that is as "adaptive" as it'll get?
  • autopilot was quick & easy to calibrate, and really great.
  • traffic visualisation Inc speed signs was great, but not that effective in Aus on dual lane roads as our speed signs are usually on the left side verge and not on the right, and if you're in the middle or right lane it often didn't pick it up. Not a biggie though.
  • charge process easy. Yes, it's slower then IC refuelling, but if you plan, it's really not an issue. By the time you stretch, take a leak etc, it's almost done
  • the wifi hotspot was really annoying, and I don't know if that's an ioS issue or Tesla. Kept disconnecting and then doesnt auto reconnect. Unsure how to resolve (read the thread on here - seems to be an issue - should I ask Tesla?)
  • the stupid Aus gov made Tesla disable the browser as soon as vehicle is in drive so I couldn't work out a workaround to use Waze or watch Netflix etc for the pax (any hints would be appreciated)
  • the lack of a driver dash display was an issue for like 5 mins - got over it and it doesn't worry me now. I think I'd still look at getting a second one only so the pax can enjoy the main screen (if I can get around the stupid browser disablement) while I can have the driving info on the second

Sorry for the long post but hope you can appreciate my journeys start!



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You're welcome. Like I said, it works pretty well for me if I let it connect before I put the car in Drive. And sometimes it will require inputting the password for the hotspot again (could be an iPhone security feature?). I keep meaning to change my hotspot password to something I'll remember. And when you do that you have to go back into wifi settings to enable remain connected in drive. (which I always forget to do and then wonder why it's not frigging working!!!111!)
Hi @GreyFoggyDay - tried it out tonight- the off automation worked perfectly, the on one not at all but that’s because I suspect when iOS updates it auto shuts down hotspot and you have to manually re-engage it again. Am going to have another go later :)
Huh, could be. I'll also note that when I leave my house in the morning, I will manually change from my home wifi to my hotspots - which is running because of the automation, because I have poor LTE signal quality when I leave my house for the first kilometre or so which will sometimes confuse the car. If I switch at home manually it will usually buffer enough to get me where I have a better signal strength.

I should do some more experimenting I suppose but who has time or that!?
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OK tried it again @GreyFoggyDay with no luck on the open at home - and I think it's because the Y deactivates wifi when it's in sleep mode? Can the app re-engage wifi or is that a manual task for the touch screen? When the car was on charger and I went down the street & came back it worked perfectly! No need for password etc.
IDK. I generally don't have my car charging at home. (Free charging at work) My Y is connected to wifi at home. When I get in the car in the morning, it's connected to the home wifi. I'm sure it sleeps overnight?

Is the hotspot starting on your phone when it connects to the cars bluetooth?

Like I said previously, I can wait up to a minute before I put the car in Drive for the car to connect to wifi while I'm out and about. There are days when I leave work to drive home and the car is not hooked up to the charger so I assume it's asleep. I'll get in the car and wait until the wifi connects before I put the car in Drive.
In the name of science I timed the time it takes for it to connect when I left work today after the car was parked and charging for ~5 hours. 75 seconds from the time I sat in the car until it connected! Then I picked up my son from camp so I was away from the car for about 5 minutes. 25 seconds to connect once I sat back in the car. Science!
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