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No paint - do I need to worry

Found a few places where there is no paint. Only visible if the front doors are open as they are behind the door hinge on the front quarter panel .... Don't really care if this will not cause an issue down the road.....
Any advice? Same on both sides car paint.jpg
Tons of them are that way. I dare say if you think yours isn't don't check... Because it probably is.

As long as it has primer it's fine. Look at the top of the trunk from inside the trunk... Same thing.

Lots of threads on this issue. We all wish it wasn't that way but oh well.
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Almost all Tesla 3's have that, some are easier to see than others - look at the trunk hinges as well, around and under the hinges will be the same way.

Clearly not are the same way.... in some places. Clearly you should not pay full price for car which is 80 % painted.

This is for sure a problem to Tesla. Because tesla paint shop is overclocked.

For car which price is 96.000 $ it should have decent paint. Not SUBPAR.