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Ordering the new Model S Plaid - any chance of the Twin Turbine wheels coming back?

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I've been following the Model S for a while now and was set on this as my next car. With the recent refresh, I'm finally ready to make the upgrade!

I love the Twin Turbine wheels (in sonic carbon) on the old Model S configuration and was disappointed to see this option disappearing from the new Model S. I think the 19" Tempest wheels look terrible and am not really feeling the 21" Arachnids either.

Does Tesla routinely change up their wheels availability? This is my first Tesla purchase and I've heard that they're known to regularly switch things up, not sure if that also includes options for wheels. Does anybody have an idea if they've re-introduced more options in the past?
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I like the twin-turbine wheels but they seem much heavier than the arachnids from the numbers I found. Arachnids are 6-7lbs lighter per wheel. I hope that carries over to the new refresh. They are lighter than the tempest 19" wheels.

All weights are without tires:
Twin-Turbine: Weight: 21x8.5" = 33.8 lbs, 21x9.0" = 35.8 lbs
Arachnids: Weight: 21x8.5" = 27.85 lbs, 21x9.0" = ~ 28.75 lbs
Tempest (19'): Weight: 29.6 lbs

Realize I did not really answer your question but I think the new arachnids look different enough and like them personally. But like Moose said, you can find them in the classifieds quite a bit. I would be leary on them because of the way some people treat their 21" wheels and then change out.
Model S 21" Twin Turbine Wheel and Tire Package
The Twin Turbines are still available from Tesla but as accessories rather than a build option. $6K is a lot considering the Arachnids are only $4500 when ordered new on-car. You may find some new or like-new in the For Sale section much cheaper than $6K.
I think the "new" Arachnids will be a half-inch or inch wider than the first-gen ones.