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Passenger Airbag Disable Switch - Anyone in SoCal have one installed?

I just received the letter approving the installation of the Airbag Disable switch by the NHTSA. Is there anyone is the Southern CA area who has had one of these switches installed? I called a few places but I have not found a place to do the install yet. Plus, I am very hesitant to bring my Roadster to a place that has most likely never worked on Roadster before.

I called the Torrance service center and AE-54 and neither can lead me to any installers.

Please help~ thanks
Thanks for reply @DRM.

Would you mind posting or PM'ing me the name of the shop in SD that you had this done? Since your car is a 2.0 with a separate 12V battery, I would assume that the installation would be done with the 12V battery disconnected. But since my Roadster is a 1.5 with no separate 12V battery, I am uncertain on how to go about disconnecting power and that's what I am worring about if I take it to a local Lotus mecahnic. I will search the forums again more thoroughly to see what else I can find...but if anyone else can chime in with some words of wisdom or guidance, I would greatly appreciate it :redface:
I didn't have it done in a shop. The guy came out to my house and did it on the weekend in about an hour. He asked for $100; I would've gladly paid more. Sorry -- don't have his contact info anymore. I posted some pix to this forum ages ago of the car with a disassembled dash. you basically have to take the entire dash apart to access the right wiring harness. Once the harness is available, the switch install is just a matter of cutting a wire and inserting the switch. We didn't do anything special to disable the 12v system. BTW: you will need to order 4x little plastic pieces that hold on the passenger-side airbag cover. They're a couple dollars each, and get damaged when the dash is disassembled. Good luck!

One more thing -- the company I bought the switch from (online) is the one who put me in touch with the lotus mechanic. You might try contacting whomever you bought the switch from for a referral?

I was sorting through some old files, and came across my receipt from the airbag install. It was done in October of 2009, so these folks may not be around anymore. I purchased the airbag switch from Sensible Solutions LLC in Fredrick, MD. Their number was 301.473.7908. They put me in touch with Tom Braim who did the install. Actual price was $200. Don't have his contact info...