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Piano Black Rear Console Sold Out... Wait or Get Obeche?

My 85D with black leather and piano black interior is in production, hopefully arriving later this month. I definitely think I need a rear console to provide my son with cup holders. It is rare that I drive with three people in the back seat and am willing to pay the "premium" price for what is essentially a cup holder.

Problem, is that for the past several weeks, the black leather with piano black has been sold out. In fact, it is only the white leather has piano black finish available.

Does anyone have any insight into how long it typically takes to replenish stock, or are they discontinuing/replacing the current model? Assuming it is going to take a while to get the piano black with black leather, I am willing to pay the extra $50 to get it in a different finish with the black leather. What would you recommend for the rear cup holders Obeche Gloss or Matte? (Carbon Fiber is a $100 premium, which seems a to cross that threshold of reasonable, and Lacewood is also sold out).

Thanks for any help
Interesting, I wondering if they are going to re-release the consoles now that the Model X clearly shows the center console matching the interior.
Seems like in 3 weeks we will see new consoles hit the store... I'm going to hold off until then.
The black/black console is still out of stock. I emailed the store but no reply. Anyone know when the consoles will be returning? I am amazed that they keep running out of the product.
I had the same problem when ordering both the front and rear consoles. It took well over a month and I had to check the website frequently. FYI, rear consoles will be shipped to your home - front consoles will be shipped to Tesla service. For what it's worth, I have piano black front console with the matte obeche finish and the combo looks pretty slick. I don't think you'd even notice if you did the inverse and it only "clashed" in the back seat.
Oh Lord! I bought my car in Sept '14. I have Obeche matte and wanted that for my center console. They STILL do not offer the front center console in that. I went with the piano black because I was just plain sick of waiting. So, reverse of what you are trying to do. I can imagine the same for the rear console. I have no idea what they are doing in purchasing over there.